How to Find a Dream Job That You Love | Transition Your Career and Find Your Passion [2018]

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Are you ready to find a dream job that you truly love? Here’s some behind the scenes footage from Neil Patel teaching you how to transition your career and find your passion this year. ►►Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips:
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Summary of How to Find a Dream Job That You Love

One example of how to find your dream job and transition out of a lousy job is our mutual friend Dhaval.

He went to law school, was going to be a lawyer, and then he stopped. But the thing is, he still had all of that debt from law school to go with him. And he was like, crap. I went to law school; I wasted seven-plus years or whatever it was in education and money and loans.

What should I do? Because you can’t just be like, all right I’m going to quit being a lawyer.

I want to transition my career into something else without having a plan.

Without the money, you’re truly out of luck.

Quickly realizing, because that was my first experience of dealing with someone who spent a lot of money just not a lot of time but money as well, in a career that they hated and they didn’t learn until they finished and it kind of sucks because it’s too late.

So I’m asked him, what do you think you’re passionate about?

And he said “Anything! I need to pay off my debt!”

And that’s usually most people’s response is. They don’t go back and be like, oh no you know I’m down to like try these things or do this or you know I love this.

Like your mindset is I got all of this debt.

I need to make my payments.

And the time is ticking.

So what I recommend is you go, and you find whatever quick job that’ll help pay you some money. It doesn’t have to be your dream job yet…

See we live in an age where you can just Uber around and drive people and make money, or you could do Uber Eats and deliver food to people and make money.

And there’s nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong with being a driver. In other words, you’re your boss.

But the reason I say you should do that and don’t look at it as it’s a lousy job. I think of it as a decent career; there’s nothing wrong with it.

Look at it as a stepping stone to finding your dream job.

See you can use that Uber trajectory of driving for someone else to give you time. That time will let you figure out what you’re passionate about because if you already hated being a lawyer, why would you go get stuck in another corporate job and do some shit that you hate?

Just do some side stuff like side hustle like Uber.

Make some money and at the same time try different things every single day until you figure out what you’re passionate about.

And usually what you’re passionate about is what you’re good at.

What you’re good at tends to be what you want to spend most of your time at.

And once you spend more of your time on that as Malcolm Gladwell says, spend 10,000 hours on something and you’ll be an expert, right?

And once you get good at something you don’t have to spend 10,000 hours but as you start getting good at something start making your career in it.

Look for areas in which you can use it, maybe it’s working for someone else and leveraging that passion.

I got good at marketing not because I wanted to be a marketer.

Just keep trying different things until you find your passion and what you’re good at it because that’s usually what you want to spend the rest of your life doing.

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    I know, you have done brilliant job in seo and marketing.
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  7. That thing you said about having a wife and being divorced sounds very sad I see that happen all the time. This is one of the reasons I’m hustling as a teenager because I’m afraid of failure. ):

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    I started my blog 2 months ago. I written about 30-35 posts on my own and then applied for Adsense. But they rejected my application and says “Site doesn't comply with our policies”. I then googled about it and then added few direct links from homepage to my about, contact, Disclaimer, privacy policy pages and to the sitemap also. And then re-applied but again rejected with the same reason.

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  10. Nothing is easy, especially you are from the poor country or poor family. but we'll find our way out, of course not from some 3 mins short video. but still thank you, Neil, at least I know I'm on my way.

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  12. But realistically speaking Neil, most people will fail at entrepreneurship and it’s not really a viable alternative for many. Shouldn’t you continue to work on your career, especially if you paid for law school, then on the side work in your project (that you’re passionate about), until it starts to generate a decent income?

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