How to Find Awesome Expired Domains with Spamzilla

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Spamzilla is the single best tool to find amazing expired domains. Get your free trial here:

There are two ways to leverage expired domains:

1. The Merger Technique

This is the process of redirecting an expired domain to your website or a specific page on your website. It’s powerful because your domain will inherit all the backlinks that the expired domain had.

As a result, your website can become extremely powerful overnight.

2. Build niche sites

Most people start niche sites from scratch with a fresh domain. There is nothing wrong with this approach if you’re patient and are willing to wait for SEO results.

However, if you want results fast, it’s best to start your niche website on an expired domain. The reason is simple: you’re starting out with a website that already has authority from its existing link profile.

Now there is one thing that will determine your success using expired domains:

How well you vet them. In this video, you’ll learn my simple 4-step approach for vetting expired domains like a pro. Nothing is more important when it comes to picking expired domains.

If you want to save enormous amounts of time, I recommend using Spamzilla. There is no better tool on the market for finding expired domains.

Get your free trial:

*I’m an affiliate of Spamzilla because I think it’s awesome. I only promote products that I actually use and believe in.




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11 thoughts on “How to Find Awesome Expired Domains with Spamzilla”

  1. Great info about finding expired domains Nathan. However, suggesting 301 redirect of an expired domain is extremely risky (and outdated) SEO technique that can do a lot of damage. If the expired domain has been penalized in the past, redirecting it to a money site will pass the penalty to it (happened to me once). So I strongly suggest for everyone avoiding direct 301 redirect from expired root domain to the money site (unless you are absolutely certain that it's clean).

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