How to get marketing clients to pay you $1,000/m

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22 thoughts on “How to get marketing clients to pay you $1,000/m”

  1. First of all, Thank You for Giving so much it really has set me straight on a path to take. I listen to you a lot.
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    Carlos "Charlie" Gonzales 37 Year Plumber, 13 Year Student Marketer.

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  2. what's up, Ruan – I need you on my team !- we have to talk, I have an big project I am going to launch over the next few months for the home service industry and i could use some one that knows what the hell he talikng about .and you sound like him lol.

  3. What do you think pays for the repairs to the roads and bridges that you use on a daily basis, the army and police that keep you safe, the civil workers that perform like heroes but never get the credit, the welfare that keeps those less fortunate and destitute? PLEASE PAY TAXES!!!!!!! Stop buying into all this bullshit from crooked politicians that only care for their bottomline. Taxes matter.

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