How To Get Powerful Links That Help You Rank In Google [OSEO-04]

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The quantity of backlinks to your page matters a lot. But the quality of these links matters even more!
So in this episode you will learn how to find the most powerful links of your competitors and replicate them –

Once you see someone ranking in Google better than you, just take his URL and plug it into Ahrefs Site Explorer (

Go to the “Referring Domains” report and take a look at the most powerful domains that link to your competitor.

Once you manage to get links from these power sites, there’s a high chance that your ranking will improve.

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29 thoughts on “How To Get Powerful Links That Help You Rank In Google [OSEO-04]”

  1. How to replicate if you could teach that too then it would really help. Your video is amazing. Like you have shown the steps if you could just show after you have opened the backlinks option for youtube, you found out 5 links of referring page URL below of youtube more under the 1st Youtube option. So how would you replicate in each of them the method that you will do can you teach us that so that it really benefits for a beginner like me. I like to learn everything on my own by watching youtube videos. Your methods of each and every video are really being helpful and has helped learn a lot about SEO. Thank you and I am really very very grateful to you. My name is Chandan from India from the city of Mumbai

  2. Regarding your technique to replicate a youtube backlink from your competitor? Is there anyway we can get the new backlink indexed faster? As I know it will take time for your new youtube backlink get indexed by google.
    Thank you

  3. Hi, in some short words, could you please give an advice for a SEO strategy for high competitive keywords of a scratch website? Thank you. A link to a resource to start learning would be great.

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