How To Make $100 Per Day For FREE Using Google [REAL EXAMPLE]

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29 thoughts on “How To Make $100 Per Day For FREE Using Google [REAL EXAMPLE]”

  1. I just checked out your site Ruan you did an amazing job Love your training vids and I can't thank you enough learning so much as I am doing research in possible getting into social media marketing

  2. Ruan, big fan here. Absolutely love your channel.

    One question – when people fill our your leads, do you send the details to your whole contact of painters list? Does the customer then get sent lots of quotes?

  3. Question for you Ruan. Do you think Google takes in consideration if the business is real? Meaning that if you don't have an LLC or a license you won't rank, because they think you are scamming people. I think Google definitely has the power to do this but I might be overthinking. I would love your opinion.

  4. Hey Ruan thanks for the video.

    If I have a niche that I want to target in my state, should I start with the larger cities in my state and make a site for each one? Or do what you're doing and make a site for the whole state in that niche? I'm in Washington which is obviously way bigger than CT.

    I have to imagine that content marketing would conflict if I stayed in the same niche across several cities. Thanks dude

  5. What is actually considered a lead? Your site gets about "30 leads a month", does this mean like potential buyers inquiring for a quote? I have a pest control (young) site that gets about a phone call every other day for pricing, would this be considered 10-14 leads a month? I'm just kinda confused because you mention 30 leads but you got like 10-form fills in a single day :). Can you please give us your personal definition on what a lead is, thank you.
    Sorry if I'm noobish, I love you stuff, Ruan. I will be getting the course soon.

  6. Great video! Ruan, I want to ask about the copywriting job, do you have any suggestion for content outsourcing? Like Fiverr, upwork, iwriter and so on. Thank you!

  7. Ruan are you building out GMBs for these rank and rent sites in other states? If so, how are you going about that in other locations in the country without getting penalized by Google? I know there are a couple of gray hat ways, but I would like to know what you think. Thanks.

  8. WOW! Excellent video Ruan! Two questions please: (1) You stated that you add approximately 15 articles per week to the website. How do you find topics to write about? and (2) What methods are using to find targeted guess websites to share your content? Thank you.

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