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How can you make more money in your digital marketing agency? In today’s video I get down and dirty with the camera and record my entire day into a jam packed video full of information.

We start the day by heading over to the dry cleaners and getting some fresh clothes for our weekly Monday Morning Meetings.

Every Monday we hold a meeting that discusses our companies goals, what we accomplished the week before, and what we are going to be accomplishing the week ahead.

Take a look at our new Market For Good VLOG and learn more about what we do on a daily basis!



34 thoughts on “How To Make $11,000 In ONE DAY As A 25 Year Old Agency Owner | Market For Good”

  1. Love the new format, Ruan! Very informative. And for anyone else reading this… the follow-up AFTER the sales call is even more impressive. After discussing our project, I got a follow-up email that 1) accurately summarized the entire meeting – including our objectives, and 2) included 'next-step' action items to follow. There is/was no ambiguity. It's a "machine" vs. a business. Clearly.

  2. No that was a day at work for Ruan. You have clients I wanted to see your interaction/daily work flow even if it is Chase Reiner stile sitting in front of a computer in a Garage.
    To some of us on the outside looking in this stuff is really cool.

    P.S. I plan to do client work someday.

  3. Ruan love the videos and thank you for the daily inspiration! Your videos have put me on a path towards trying to start my own agency! I have a question for you, do you have any formal education in digital marketing or business? I'm currently taking online courses and was wondering if you could shine any light on me? Thank you for your dedication to this it honestly means a lot. Much love from Cali!

  4. Very well done Brother ! Quality was A – the concept was great ,. Would like to hear the meeting honestly but that is me . Tons of overhead I see why not a virtual team? Big dreams bro keep chasing glad to see you winning 🙂

  5. It's nice to see the behind the scenes of the agency and how you run it. This video is really inspirational. I'd love to get connected with you to ask you a few questions if thats ok? Best of luck with your business!

  6. Sounds like the interview is like partially for the job and partially for a friendship. The latter is likely the main reason for age to matter. For a job; mindset first, communication skills 2nd, experience/relative skills 3rd, culture/environment fit last. Also, thanks for taking us through your day, being open like that gives more perspective.

  7. Hey Ruan, great video! I just have one quick question for you related to another video you made recently. In one video you went over your painters in ct website and explained how to build a website that will rank and build traffic and leads. How do you suggest a first timer could go about doing this — building a site and ranking it — and then selling the leads despite not having a contractors license/business name to work under. Follow up to that is how would we then go about selling these leads to local businesses at the very beginning? Leads go dead within minutes and if you have a website but no business to actually fulfill the services, the leads are essentially useless. Do you just send them to a local businesses email/phone as they come in with a message saying that you provided the lead for them? Do you just let the leads die and then use the list of them and your rank as proof of concept in a pitch? Would love to know more/see you build out one of these sites from scratch, rank it, and find a buyer for the leads.

  8. Loved the video, Ruan! I see you in the M3 :). I think I saw in an older video of yours that you will be driving your old car to the ground :P. I'm glad you treated yourself because you're doing an awesome job.

  9. Ruan dont you wanna teach me digital marketing? I'll give you 70% of the first 10 clients I get. I'm dead serious man. I wanna buy a course but I cant afford it for shit, no lie

  10. I don’t like the thumbnail, it’s almost like it doesn’t match with the content of the video. This video is full of energy, vibrant, positive, brilliant ideas 💡 encourage, hard work, do you see what I mean to say? The thumbnail portraits the idea that this video might be a catastrophe or a disaster. That’s what I portrayed when I saw your thumbnail. Just saying.

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