How To Make A Website In Less Than 15 Minutes

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In this video, I teach my friend over at how he should structure his website to get more conversions. For a local business, this is critical as a conversion focused website often leads to more phone calls, sales, and repeat customers.


19 thoughts on “How To Make A Website In Less Than 15 Minutes”

  1. Great video Ruan!
    I have a question about content writing. I'm about starting a blog and I was wondering how you come up with the content you write in your blogs(not topics now, the actual content). Is every sentence off heart?


  2. Hi Ruan, thank you for such great content. I have been watching your stuff on PBN's. I'm building mine out and was going to use cloakhosting, then I learned about Terry's hosting from bluechip backlings, which seems even better-but it's seriously more expensive. Do you think cloakhosting is enough or should I not risk it and go with Terry's Thx in advance…

  3. You read my mind! I been thinking about what you use to make websites, front end editor is really handy. Please let us know which software you using, you mentioned it a while ago but I don't feel like going through all your videos in the past half a year or so. Thanks

  4. It's no doubt an informative video, as is almost always the case with your channel, but I'm not necessarily getting why Duda would be a better choice than, say Wix for simplicity. Both are self-containing hosting with very similar uptime, neither allows the importation of custom code. I get that WordPress is more involved, so for an agency looking for ease of use, it gets a bit of a markdown (though Divi makes it easier), but why Duda specifically? Thanks.

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