How to Make a WordPress Website With GoDaddy – 2018!

Godaddy videos and tutorials just for you.
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This video shows you how to set up and make a wordpress website with your GoDaddy domain.
Demo site at
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Text tutorial:

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This is a free tutorial on how to set up your website with godaddy and how to make a wordpress website with your godaddy domain. We will walk you through step by step how to make a wordpress website with godaddy from start to finish.

This video will start with show you how to set up your website with a godaddy domain and then you will get hosting so you can create and build your wordpress website with godaddy. This video is 100% complete and free and will show you how to make a wordpress website with godaddy. Make 2017 the best year ever with this free tutorial on how to set up your website and make a website with godaddy.

More to come.




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31 thoughts on “How to Make a WordPress Website With GoDaddy – 2018!”

  1. Getting warmer. I think I'm progressing through the years and catching up to you on this GoDaddy thing! Trying to DIY can be frustrating especially when you are just learning. Love these tutorials.

  2. Hello. I hope you're doing great and I hope you can help with my question. I just finished making my "Explore" button, and when I hover over it, the white "Explore" font turns to the yellow/gold and disappears. Do you know how I could fix this? Thanks so much for any help.

  3. Hey thank you so much great tutorial I really enjoyed the walk-through and my website looks great , still a few more finishing touches but now my coffee can be sold online check it. I encountered an error message with themify and had to upgrade/purchase the theme but well worth it

  4. Is anyone getting the 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable when trying to view your progress?

    I'm doing the hours long tutorial step by step. Cookies/Cache have already been deleted thrice.


  5. How to I change between domain? When you signed up with hostgator, a free domain given, could I then do a diff website to the free domain & my existing domain?

  6. Thanks for another great tutorial….Is there a way to control the size of the SiteLogo when scrolling? (I'm using an image for the logo and it's shrinking just a little too much for my taste)

  7. Hi! 1st thanks so much for taking 4 hours of your time to show us how to do this step by step! I already had a site put together but I wanted to change the theme. However, I am getting alerts to "update now" but when I click on it I'm asked for a username and password. Is it necessary to update? If so, how do I apply the updtes?

  8. I lost my site after adding the www. There has to be another reason why this happens because I was super careful not to add anything or delete anything. I am practicing wp on local host, do you think that may be the reason?

  9. Hi..I have used a page in which sidebar is enabled. When I do that menu in mobile isn't working(On Click of Menu nothing happens), but it works on desktop. Rest of the pages where no sidebar is used Menu works fine in mobile.

    Please help me fix this. Thanks in advance.

  10. I don't have the little purple plus sign and the options with it.  I also don't have a save button in the upper right hand corner.  And There is no purple plus sign in the middle as well.  Thank  you

  11. My page looks perfect so far (i'm halfway through) when Builder is turned on. But when I go to the actual page. The welcome comment which I believe is the subheading. It's up in the top margin (where the home, about, blog and portfolio list is). Please help. Thanks. 🙂

  12. Love the videos. I know absolutely nothing about web design and I have been following along while building mine. I cant tell you how pleased i am with how it is turning out. (I'm using the Sydney Theme)

    I do have one issue with mine that I can not figure out. In my section that displays my team/employee photos one photo is shorter than the other and cuts off part of the head on the photo, the other photos is about the correct size but cuts off the very top of the head. I have checked the photo in the media files and it displays fine there but not on the site. Please help. should the photo be a certain size, etc.?

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