How To Make Money By Creating Mico SEO Websites in A Local Area

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In this video I sit down with my good friend and student Joel. We enjoy a coffee together and he asks me some questions regarding the SEO business model and what he has on his mind.


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28 thoughts on “How To Make Money By Creating Mico SEO Websites in A Local Area”

  1. Keep up with good work buddy……. I think you are the person I see in DM niche saying educating real tips of action instead of pitching your product as CTA as most many do… Keep up with real good work man….. Yours faithfully Lakshman from India.

  2. Ryan. Again, thank you for all the valuable information. Would you recommend more in depth training about link sharing and networking. I network a lot in my area, and been able to build great connections. To the point I'm confident I can ask them to place a link to my website and vice versa, is that in short what that strategy is?

  3. Great video, thank you Ruan. I've seen your personality change through the years and you appear much more calm and collected at this phase of your career.

    Very informative, thank you again.

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