How to Rank #1 for "Trace Minerals" (Episode 1)

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Wondering how to rank #1 on Google? This new series will show you exactly what you need to do.

I will select one keyword phrase from anonymous submissions (submit yours here: ) and then I’ll show you exactly how I would go about ranking for it.

In Episode #1, you’ll learn how I would try to rank for “trace minerals”.


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36 thoughts on “How to Rank #1 for "Trace Minerals" (Episode 1)”

  1. Love the vid! Thanks! Some great nuggets. The headline tool was a new one for me and can't wait to try it out. Just a suggestion…the music in the background was really distracting from what you were saying. At least for me…I hope you will omit that in future videos. Single mom taking care of business and I would love to earn that spot in your academy! Cheers!

  2. Hello Nathan, I am a big fan of your channel / videos, it is bringing so much value for me, thank you so much. I have a question about your process to qualify keyword. To do it you are using the "Search volume" in #1 criteria. Of course, it a super important criteria , but don't you think the "Traffic" criteria in AHREF is even more important that "Search volume" ? I hope you will take some time to answer me, and I expect to see more of your contents in the futur.

  3. Another fantastic video! I love the idea of looking for questions and reviews on Amazon – you could literally write an article just by giving the people what they want, doing the research and writing something useful.

  4. The SEO training series that you've been releasing recently are awesome, gained a lot of insights from them. It goes hand in hand with the how to rank higher videos.!!

  5. AWESOME VIDEO NATHAN. I WILL DEFINITELY BUY YOUR COURSE. I have a question though. Do you have any cheaper alternatives to Ahrefs? I am a newbie so I want to be budget-conscious. Thank you again

  6. This is definitely valuable among the rest of the videos out there. Along with what has been explained I also look at the keyword density of these other websites have and try to match it. Is that a good metric or we should not look into kd?

  7. The first video which helped me to fully understand how to dominate my competitors. I was looking for such detailed since a year and found yet. You are really awesome. Thanks once again for this video content.

  8. Hey Nathan! Awesome video! Whoever got their keyword checked by you is super lucky. I was just wondering, do you have anything on keyword cannibalization? Is there any way to plan keywords and content in such a way that cannibalization does not occur? Thanks again!

  9. Thanks, Nathan. Quick question: what do you do when you're starting from scratch, and your domain doesn't have any authority? Do you just give up on the keywords and try to rank the longtail version instead?

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