How To Rank A 24,000 / M Keyword With 1 Backlink

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How to Rank for a Keyword With 1 Backlink

A lot of the questions we receive regarding SEO are focused around the sole idea of how to rank for a keyword. So, I decided to give the inside scoop on how we raked for the keyword “Ubersuggest” with just ONE backlink.

When I decided that I wanted Develomark to rank for this keyword I did little research and found that people who are searching using the term are most likely just looking for a free keyword tool. I inspected the content on the first page of results and noticed that a lot of it was spam posts. There were also videos that were instructional on how to use the tool, however there were no blog posts that explained how to use it. So, I decided that Develomark would be the source to provide them with a “how to” for “ubersuggest” which would allow them to read along as they figure out the tool rather than pause a video they are trying to follow.

Now, you have most definitely been told by SEO experts to allow 6 months for your ranking to show and improve. This is not a lie. It typically takes about 6 months for google to pull and rank you in the search engine. For this keyword specifically it took me 4-5 months to rank at all and thankfully it paid off and I am now ranking on the first page of results. I did not use any PVNs or Fiverr links, just one simple backlink.

Your first step in this process is to look at metrics like keyword difficulty which gauges how hard it is to rank for the keyword. For “ubersuggest” it said the difficulty was 28 which is considered medium difficulty. Now look at domain authority or domain rank. The authority of the results on the first page was about 90 with the lowest being no lower than 70. My DR was 39! So how was I able to rank?! It’s all in the process.

Next step is to qualify your keyword. This means you need to structure your content to ensure it will rank. Plugin the keyword into Ahrefs and look at the data. I saw that for “ubersuggest” the CPC was $4.50 meaning it was not a super competitive keyword. Next look at the questions related to the keyword. Use these questions in your content as H2 or H3 tags as subtopics in your content. Also add the keyword as alt text behind your images. You want to ensure that your content is reflective of what people are searching for and that is satisfies user intent.

Here comes the backlink step. To help in my ranking of “ubersuggest” I did 1 single SEO blog outreach. That’s ONE guest post which I did for No Passive Income site because it has a decent domain rank. That guest post that I wrote is now number 4 on Google. I made sure to talk about “ubersuggest” in the post and link that area and the keyword back to the post I wrote to rank for it on my site.

Your final steps in the process are to promote your post. The more links and the more time the post has inside of Google the higher it will rank. Live by the motto “promote until you can’t promote anymore”. Make this a consistent daily strategy and don’t be afraid of domain authority like many when trying to rank for keywords.

Some side note information that I’d like to share with you all is that you should be willing to go for big keywords that have more reach even if they seem harder to get ranking for. I hear so many people say you need to focus on long tail keywords, but the fact is that no one is searching these crazy long tail keywords. Long tails may show in your search console but they most likely have no clicks. Create content and try to rank for the shorter keywords that are more common because although there may be more competition, this is what people are typing in and seeing results for. Keep in mind that blogging is ESSENTIAL if you want SEO to work for you. Don’t create a site and leave it stagnant for months, stay active and relevant. SEO is a roller coaster, one minute you’re up and one minute you’re down. It’s a game that we all play. Build your site authority and you will see results.


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29 thoughts on “How To Rank A 24,000 / M Keyword With 1 Backlink”

  1. Hey Ruan, can you tell me if "blackhat techniques" like buying backlinks & PBN's is actually good? I've heard from a lot of people that it doesn't work. Please clarify this for me 🙂

  2. how do you get multiple specific “Domains names” for your marketing clients. i use click-funnel landing pages.
    do i have to buy domain names for each clients?? that part of the story confusing.

  3. Looking to partner up with someone in the NJ area that has or is starting a marketing company. I'm in sales now and visit 30 to 40 businesses a day for credit card company and can get us clients. If you have experience or have taken Ruan's course let's talk.

  4. Hey Ruan,

    Do you have a recommendation for a good working and good priced SEO rank tracker? I find that tracking the keywords ourself is taking a lot of our time. Also it would be nice to give the client a insight without having to research for an hour first. Hope you can respond to this Ruan!

  5. @ Ruan & guys. I have a question. Your input would be highly helpful.

    I have a new client. They want to optimize and bring-in traffic to a brand new website rather than having me work on their present website. They want to keep the preserve present website as a company portal. I'm planning to use the secondary office address for Google local listing purpose. The primary office adress listed in the Google knowledge panel. But the problem is that the secondary address is already listed on the present website. So, should i remove the address from the present website.

    If any part is unclear, please let me know. Once again, any input would be highly helpful. thanks.

  6. hey, ruan my question is not related to this video but i hope you can HELP. When creating a click funnel for leads for a gym (7 day free pass). How can i send them the free pass as an autoamted system as soon as they click and go through my thank you page? how can i link an automatic email system to the button?

  7. With a population of over 1.3billion our country has great scope for digital marketing there are very less people doing this let me know if you want to expand your business we can touch the moon.

  8. Ruan, question about URL structure on your website:
    I notice that your website's services are direct URL paths: Develomark . com/Keyword
    Is this better than DomainName . com/Services/Keyword ?
    I hope you know what I mean.


  10. Ruan why did you only acquire one backlink for this page and what's the average amount you acquire per page to get them ranked? This is a critical question for your viewers as im sure many are building up sites with multiple pages and need to know how many links per page. How should you spread the backlinks across your website?

  11. Brilliant new video Ruan! Your course and youtube videos are a level above anything anyone else is producing. No BS, actual results (that I've replicated for numerous clients) and high energy. Never stop what you're doing, these are fucking awesome!!

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