How to Rank on Google for THOUSANDS of Keywords (With One Page) – Data Study

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Our data shows that an average #1 ranking page on Google ALSO ranks for nearly 1,000 other keywords in the top 10. Want to know how to do it for your pages? This tutorial shows you how.
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Recently, Ahrefs conducted a study on 3 million searches. The goal of the study was to find out how many keywords the top 20 ranking pages can also rank for (in the top 10).

Here’s a breakdown of our key findings:

► On average, a #1 ranking page also ranks for almost an additional 1,000 keywords (in the top 10).
►The median value is a little more than two times smaller than the average.

We also studied how many high volume keywords a page can also rank for in position 1. Here’s what we found:

►It is common for a top ranking page to rank for 2-3 keywords with an average monthly search volume of 1,000 or more.
► It isn’t common for a top ranking page to rank for additional 10,000+ search volume keywords in position one.

The data is interesting by itself. But when it’s applied to your keyword research and SEO strategies, it becomes incredibly powerful.

This tutorial takes the data and shows you actionable ways that you can rank your pages for more keywords and get more #1 rankings on Google.

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28 thoughts on “How to Rank on Google for THOUSANDS of Keywords (With One Page) – Data Study”

  1. Hi I have a question here. Let's say I have a really low competitive keyword with monthly search volume of only 10, and if I include this keyword in my blog post can I start to see the ranking to this keyword already, or do I have to create backlink to each and every of my keyword? Sorry I am kinda confused with the relationship among keywords, keywords in article or blog post, backlink and the SERP. Thank you!

  2. Hey Sam
    Great video as always. But quick question. What I don't understand is how come a page can rank for thousands of keywords when the actual post isn't even that long.

    In the case of this page below, the text is about 1200 words whereas it ranks for about 1500 keywords! I couldn't find the answer to that in the video, or maybe I missed it 🙂 How come this is the case? How can you rank for words without actually using them?

  3. In paid version of Yoast they offer ranking for 3 keywords instead of just 1 with free version. How are they doing this? I'm thinking by directing us to write more thorough content. Great video. Thanks.

  4. boring talk to much you using website that is already ranking for years without any SEO effort that a new site let see cause whatever you showing he has nothing to d with seo these websites is popular and well know. all those search volumes is not because of seo is because of the brand know. please teach as real things, not things that work already without seo effort.

  5. Thanks, Oh.

    I'm sure you make your homework, but I got the sense Tha you should make a series of "real life" niches. Roofers, key makers, landscape design, mechanics etc…

    My 2 cents

  6. Hello Sam

    Thank you for another master class from you.
    Thanks to your lessons, I entered the top 10 for 6 months in a niche where my competitors are 5 years old.

    Now I will go to the top 3, and then to the top 1

    thank you Sam!

  7. they are a company that earns millions a year, which would cost them to put subtitles in Spanish for the videos, if they know that they have a large percentage of clients in Latin America who do not speak English. 🙁

  8. Another great video, thank you a ton!

    My question is: I rank #1 in My country for "Exercises for Abs" and the page name is "Top 15 Exercises you can Perform At Home" , now I created new article + video with the same pattern , but for exercises in the gym. So probably the Headline will be something like "Top 11 Exercises For Abs you haven't tried in the Gym (BUT YOU SHOULD)".

    I'm a little worried if Google will show both pages on #1 and #2 for "Exercises for Abs" or if it's possible one page to outrank another (it happened long time ago) – I had #1 "Protein – 10 signs for deficiency" – It ranked #1. Then I created: " Protein – The most delicious way to lose Weight" . Then the second article outranked the first one and the first one is not even on page 1 in the results.

    Thanks in advance for taking time to read the comment.


  9. Sam, I'm a small business guy in the insurance space trying to compete with "the big guys" in my space. THis is truly helpful in formulating my content strategy. It makes me feel like there's hope of breaking onto the first page with some important information. Thanks so much. I rely on your advice with these videos.

  10. Is the a way to do keyword research with content explorer but for YouTube and not google? I want to rank a video and I have no idea how users are searching in YouTube so i can optimizer it. Any advice? Thanks

  11. Does keyword research for other languages than English work well in Ahrefs?
    Arabic keyword research to be specific, will it work well in Ahrefs?

    Great video by the way, totally loved it.

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