How to Skyrocket Your Google Adwords ROI | PPC Advertising Tips

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Are you spending money on google adwords? If so, here’s a step by step formula on how to make the ads more profitable.

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The first thing I want to educate you about is SKAG, Single Keyword Ad Group. If you have a hundred keywords in one ad group, what’s going to happen?

Your ad text isn’t going to be related to all of those keywords. But on the flip side, if you only have a handful or one keyword related to one ad copy, what’s going to happen?

That ad copy is going to be so relevant to that keyword, that you’re quality score’s gonna skyrocket, people are going to click on it, you’re going to save money, and you’re going to convert better. So instead of writing the same ad text for hundreds and hundreds of keywords, write the same ad text for one keyword, or a handful of keywords max. But, ideally, just one keyword. That way, it’s specific each and every single time to the keyword you want to bid on. The second thing I want to teach you about is a landing page optimization. Why does AdWords ROI have to be related to your ads purely? That’s a bunch of BS.

That’s what everyone thinks, oh we have to fine-tune our ads and keep tweaking and adjusting our bids. And, yes, I’m not saying you don’t have to do that. But, you’re going to cap out on optimizing your ads. Eventually, the real ROI is going to be your landing page, your product that you’re selling, the offering that you’re going to make.

Also, optimize that landing page. And the way you do that is you install Crazy Egg. With Crazy Egg, it’ll show you how far people scroll down, where they click, they provide you with reports like heat maps.

You’ve heard me talk about Crazy Egg tons and tons of times. Of course, I wouldn’t be talking about it if it didn’t benefit you. Plus, I also own the company, so that’s a plus for me as well. But check it out, it’s useful. Once you have all of that running, you’ll get reports on where people are clicking and engaging with your landing page.

Then you’ll want to run A/B test with Craz Egg and you can do that through the WYSIWYG Editor. Make some tweaks, some changes, and then boom, start running some tests, and you can optimize your conversions. Because you know what, if you keep paying a dollar per click from AdWords, and in general, you’re only getting one lead or one sale out of a hundred clicks, you’re paying $100 per conversion. But if you can optimize your conversion on your landing page by four times using Crazy Egg, or any other A/B testing tool out there, right, you don’t have to use Crazy Egg. Now you’re paying $25 per conversion.

You see how that’s a drastic difference for inbound marketing? And that happens a lot. Countless times. I see it day in and day out. A lot of people just focus on their ad campaigns, and they forget about their landing pages. To do well, you have to do both.

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21 thoughts on “How to Skyrocket Your Google Adwords ROI | PPC Advertising Tips”

  1. hey neil .. huge fan of urs.. should i rank a page with affiliate links(wanna make some money from it) using adwords ??
    if yes then please tell me how can i make sure it to be profitable this is my first try

  2. Thank you so much, Neil! A question: do you suggest to create a separate one-page landing for the ads campaign, or I can optimize one of the pages (that will be for landing) on my website? Would much appreciate your advice, or link to the video (if you already talked about it). Best!

  3. Hi Neil, Thankyou for sharing this awesome video. I want to ask you that can I advertise my amazn affiliate links on Reddit to get sales and commissione? will this safe method or ban my account?

  4. The quality advice on advertising and marketing strategy is increasingly difficult to find. Come to the video thanks to one of your blog posts, as always you have everything very well mastered 🙂

  5. Good tips! single keyword adgroups are great, but for larger campaigns a lot of knowledge on the AdWords editor is needed to execute on these types of campaign. Imagine updating tracking or running ad copy tests on a campaign with 150 adgroups.

  6. I was using this strategy for one of my client last 6 month..his quality score increased…earlier he was paying $10-12 for conversion. Now the cost is less than $2. It's a very good strategy if your campaign is small.

  7. Neil I met person don't know he is to smart or stupid
    The person I met is a seller on Amazon, he himself created more than 50 affiliate site and promoting his product by affiliate link.
    Is it right he earns every time he sells a product and even get commission.
    Is it legal, I hope you understand it's hard to explain

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