How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With NO Experience [Getting Started]

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In this video, Ruan covers the question everyone has – do I need experience to start a marketing agency? The reality is yes, but fortunately there are ways to build experience and still make money when starting out.

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25 thoughts on “How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With NO Experience [Getting Started]”

    I’m in a situation where, at age 55, I’m having to “start over” with no retirement, little savings (due to health concerns). I needed this vid so very much. And if I had the cash, I’d pay for your course just for this message today!

  2. Teaching your future competitors? Creating your future competition? Not sure. My bigger question is does the customer truly "value" a $199/month independent contractor employee? Is that what they want? Do they want someone with zero experience working for them, better yet, do they want to bother with someone so inexperienced? What will this "new" agency owner do better than their current agency owner? That is most of the questions people asked me. "Who needs you? You gave/have nothing."

  3. Great videos, addicted to your content! One question for you: Can I start and rank lead generation websites targeted at the US, even though I'm not in the US?

  4. will this event be livestreamed? Or recorded so those who don't live in your service area can benefit, learn and create a low-cost/low-risk offer for local businesses?

  5. I've seen many videos of digital marketer charging 0 for their first week or month for their client in order get work experience in digital marketing. Do you think it's actually worth it when starting out as a complete beginner? Because most employers are looking for people who actually has work experience being done and if a client saw that I had no testimony from previous client then wouldn't it be unlikely for me too close out a deal? or is it just better to try and convince clients to charge a small fee? And what do you think is the best prices to charge when starting out?

  6. Great info as usual! Looking forward to the next batch of videos. I'd love to hear about some of the background work of an agency. How do you take advantage of being an LLC as a marketing agency? What kind of things do you write off usually? Do you prefer requiring a retainer or pay for a few months in advance? How do you take payments? Etc etc.. Thanks again Ruan and everybody else behind the scenes for these videos!

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