How to switch to Pixel 3

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Abby and Teddy explain how quick and easy it is to setup your new Pixel 3. If you like reading more than watching, here are the instructions on how to switch.

1. Turn on your new Google Pixel 3
2. Follow the on screen instructions to transfer all your important data over
3. If transferring from iPhone, make sure to turn iMessages off on all your Apple devices before connecting to your Google Pixel 3
4. If you need more help, please visit

Learn More about Pixel 3 at:

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29 thoughts on “How to switch to Pixel 3”

  1. Funny how the screen to body ratio is one if the most important things to techies today and the biggest tech company in the world fucked that shit up fucking doodoo head

  2. Dont, cause that notch big as fuck for no reason yall doodoo heads made that shit big as fuck it's not a competition god damn with ya big ass notch built like a Hitler stache head ass skintone chicken bone v lone car loan dima dome headass

  3. Didn’t you guys diss the notch then you guys decide to do it? I had love for you guys doing what you guys did best but copying apple was not a good move

  4. Sorry I rather keep my Samsung that still has its headphone jack, micro SD card expansion and not apple wannabe smart phone copier. Also did I mention headphone jack? If I didn't headphone jack.

  5. As a former user of iPhone and currently using Pixel2, the main advantage was the camera's quality and battery life. If you are looking for efficiency pixel is for you but aesthetically speaking, it could not be compared to an iPhone since it just really did not have that much of an elegant design as the iPhone did.

  6. Besides using the most annoying voice ever, no offense but it just is, how is this 'an upgrade', since these Pixel phones are just iPhone copycats, where even the last bit of originality was taken out (I am taking about the headphone jack, of course). Android used to be cool, today it sucks. AOSP is a different story, but what Google produces today is utter crap.

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