How to use Google Search Console to Improve Your SEO

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Do you want to improve your SEO and rank higher on Google? This tutorial will show you how to use Google Search Console to do that.
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Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools is one of the best free SEO tools out there. However, most people are not making full use of it.

This tutorial will teach you how to use Google Search Console to improve your SEO.

Before watching the video, make sure you’ve already handled the basics like verifying your site and submitting your sitemap to Google.

The first tip is to improve click-through rate for underperforming keywords. For the purposes of this video, an underperforming keyword is any page where you don’t rank in positions 1 and 2 for that keyword.

Basically, if you’re not ranking in positions 1 or 2, you’ll get significantly less search traffic.

Sam will show you how to find these underperforming keywords and how to optimize them for better rankings.

The second tip is to find and analyze pages with high keyword rankings, but low CTR. You’ll learn how to find out which keywords have subpar CTR, how to analyze the cause and how to improve those pages so you can get more clicks and traffic.

The third tip is to check for sitemap errors, warnings, and exclusions. Sitemaps are files that tell search engines which pages are important on your site. They also help crawlers crawl your site more efficiently.

If you have issues with your sitemap, you might have a problem since you could be confusing crawlers, leading to wasted time and resources on their end.

Sam will teach you how to find out if you have any errors on your sitemap and how to fix them.

The last tip is to find pages that need internal links or those that need to be pruned. You’ll learn how to find these pages, and what to do about them.

Time stamps

0:50 – Improve clickthrough rate for underperforming keywords
3:07 – Find and analyze the pages with high keyword rankings but low CTR
5:28 – Check for sitemap errors, warnings, and exclusions
6:42 – Find pages that need internal links or those that need to be pruned
9:02 – Limitations of Google Search Console

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43 thoughts on “How to use Google Search Console to Improve Your SEO”

  1. Hello….If i use another website (like-wikipedia) content on my site just for information (not for search engine ) with no-index tag.
    Any problem for this used content for my website?

  2. Hello sir, I already watch a lots of videos and maximum videos from Neil Patel. But nobody think about those bloggers, who working on blog in regional language like Bangla, hindi ect.
    How can we improve our SEO and getting rank on Google 1st page?

  3. Firstly Thanks for sharing that
    I always use Google console to learn more about long tail keywords that i already ranked with my pages and then add some paragraphs about the newly discovered Long tail keywords
    N:B i cannot work without ahrefs 😉

  4. Thanks Sam. Always really helpful tutorials. At the 1.48min, on your console, the recording shows under PERFORMANCE, a heading "G Search Results". Any idea why none of our Google Search Consoles DON'T show this feature? We also don't have "Discover". We're located in Australia.

  5. Thanks Sam, your technique and metrics are brilliant.
    Sam I have a one question about GSC, one of my blog clicks in GSC show 40k in a month but when I check it's analytic traffic it show me only 30k organic traffic.
    I don't know why. Please explain Thanks

  6. Regarding the first tip, I'm always confused as to when to jump in and start optimizing further. How can you be sure if it needs optimizing or if it's just paying dues 🙂 Should it wait 6 months? 3?

  7. My Google search console looks different. I don't have the options "Search results" and "Discover". And I'm using the new console the "Index", "Enhancements" and other features are the same as in this video. Am I doing something wrong?

  8. I agree with you
    and thanks for this Search Console Tutorial.
    But this work is more easy and worthwhile I use Ahref.
    Can you please answer this: is it worth to do social bookmarking of any new post instant after publishing?

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