How to Write a Blog Post That Actually Gets Traffic

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Want to know how to write a blog post that actually gets consistent traffic? In this tutorial, you’ll learn the steps to write articles that attract the audience you want.
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Blogging when you’re a beginner is tough. I’m sure you’ve experienced writer’s block or even worse, no blog traffic. And without traffic, you can’t make money blogging or grow your online business.

Even for us, it took a lot of time, effort, and a simple blogging strategy that helped us drive over 220,000 visitors to our blog every single month (for free).

You’ll learn exactly how to use our blogging strategy along with helpful tips to start getting readers and fans to your blog.

The first step is to come up with topics that are proven to generate traffic.

I’m sure you’d agree that you should write about something you are passionate about or interested in. But this can often lead to failure.

If you want your blog to be successful, you have to frame your content so that it’s centered around your readers. The truth is that people are interested in themselves and not necessarily yours.

While you can make educated guesses, you can use tools like Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer to find the exact keywords people are searching for in Google. This will allow you to accurately gauge popularity and make smart decisions on what you should write about.

The second step is to assess search intent.

This means the reason behind a searcher’s query. If you don’t understand why someone is searching for a specific query, then you won’t be able to get them to click on your article.

You can use a basic formula called “the 3 C’s of search intent”, which is covered in-depth.

The next step is to write a data-driven outline.

Writing out your thoughts is great, but it can also result in missing out on opportunities to get more blog traffic.

You’ll learn how to analyze other top pages that are getting lots of traffic and integrate what’s working for them into your own posts before you even start writing your draft.

The next step is to write your first draft.

You’ll learn some blogging tips you can use to write excellent posts that will keep your readers engaged. You’ll also learn a few techniques such as the Pomodoro technique which will help you write blog posts fast.

The next step is to edit your draft.

Here, you’ll be shown some free tools that will help you edit like a pro. These tools can improve accuracy, speed, and make the whole experience painless.

Best of all, one of the tools will help you keep the readability of your article perfect for your audience.

In addition to these, you’ll learn a few extra tips at Ahrefs. One of these tips has helped us build a loyal following and enables us to consistently produce our best content.

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45 thoughts on “How to Write a Blog Post That Actually Gets Traffic”

  1. My challenge is always in the feedback. Because sometimes clients want to include certain jargons that may not appeal to the readers, and I don't know how to convince them that the best way is to use simple language!

  2. that's the thing reading and analyzing the search intent is the most important part of selecting key phrases for your content and website other pages. which I followed for almost 4 years now it's proven. Happy to know that.

  3. Keep them coming. Your tutorial is good with constant highlights about your SAAS. I would like to know how to write blog post the way you create videos. You are using Ahref as highlight to solve your work.

  4. My mind is blown right now because it's like you've been in my head because with every step answers so many questions lol I am starting a blog and doing research right now before I actually start posting and this is 100% helpful.

  5. Hi Sam (again), i wonder if you have covered LSI keyword in any of your so-far videos? How to make the most of LSI keywords to raise article's relevance in the eyes of Google while it still sounds human? Or should we just ignore inclusion of LSI keywords in writing? Thanks in advance!

  6. I'll give you an answer tat isn't bullshit rhetoric like everyone else says. You can go to any Youtube channel on this topic and they all say the same things, its stupid! they say things like (Study trending keywords) or (Write about a popular topic). Instead of hearing the same advice over and over again, I will give you an idea that MADE ME MONEY because most people who write blogs do it to drive traffic and to create sales so here is my tip for effective blogging. In the beginning of your blog, post a video right at the top, this video is "YOU" reading your own blog to them. Give people the option to listen to the blog being read by "YOU" or if they want, they can just read the whole blog themselves. Giving people one more option like this worked for me. I got more traffic, people stayed longer and my engagement increased. A lot of people don't read because they don't like it, giving them an option to just "Listen" breaks that fear from them. This tactic is not SEO related or anything, its just a nice option to have for people to stumble upon. When "You" read the blog post, its quicker and you can read it with a certain tone of voice to increase the amount of attention you can get for a certain topic. In the end, always ask if people like the "Listen" option and ask if they had any questions. When you have someone talking to you vs just reading text on your own, it changes the expectation of the reader. Instead of reading my words, you are instead hearing them in the way that explains the content better. This idea seems like a small thing to do, but I was able to make money from trying this idea so in the end, most people just want to know about tactics that can bring them more income. Nothing wrong with that!

  7. Great video! Another tip: to find inspiration for hot topics, look at the biggest websites/blogs in your niche and check the popularity of their recent content – what gets the most social shares or engagement? You can easily build a list of hot topics this way, and then use ahrefs to figure out how to rank for those, and promote them on your social media! (which is much easier when you KNOW that it's a trendy topic!)

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