How to Write SEO Content (That Actually Works)

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What is SEO content and how do you write it?

This exclusive video from Gotch SEO Academy will show you everything you need to know.

I truly believe that understanding how to create SEO content is one of the most fundamental SEO skills.

And here’s what most people don’t realize:

Creating great content for SEO is much more than just writing long articles.

You need to have a clear strategy and you need to understand the nuances.

Think about it:

If everyone knew how to write content for SEO purposes, then why doesn’t every rank well?

Rhetorical questions aside…

You need to master the art of creating SEO content.

Trust me:

Understanding this facet of SEO will make everything easier.


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17 thoughts on “How to Write SEO Content (That Actually Works)”

  1. Hey Nathan, another great vid. I'm wondering why are you spending so much time on informational content without worrying about backlinks? Once you have a decent foundation of keyword targetted content wouldn't, you need backlinks to get any reach traffic? I understand the mix between 80% informational and 20% transactional. But it's the link bait to keyword targetted pages ratio I'm curious about. Cheers!

  2. Great Video.

    How to avoid keyword cannibalization for companies that have multiple branches (in different cities)? A Pillar page is planned for each branch/city, but they all have the same keywords and search intent?


    Mobile Phone Repair Hamburg

    Mobile Phone Repair Munich

    Mobile Phone Repair Berlin

    Or I do not need to worry, Google does it already?

  3. English is not my mothertongue. That is why I sometimes have difficulties with a pronounciation now and than. That is also why I would appreciate subtitles very much – this would help me a great deal to get you excellent stuff fare quicker than I do it now. THANK YOU for all your efforts!

  4. This is really nice Mr. Gotch! It would be even better, I think, if you leave the links (if any) of your relevant post/videos in the description. Hope you would cordially receive this remark. Thank you!

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