How to Write the Perfect Title Tag to Increase Your Click Through Rate (CTR)

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Want to know how to write better headlines to increase your click through rate? This step-by-step tutorial walks you through creating a solid title tag to do just that.
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Your SEO title tag is the main thing standing between Google’s SERPs and your website. If you can’t get people to click through, then you can’t get any website traffic.

But headline writing goes beyond fancy “clickbait” titles.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn:

► The basic (but necessary) guidelines to write a good title.
► How to write keyword optimized titles and get the most mileage out of 50-60 characters.
► A simple keyword research process to find the best topic to target.
► How to write a catchy headline.
► How (and when) to optimize your titles based on data from Google Search Console.

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31 thoughts on “How to Write the Perfect Title Tag to Increase Your Click Through Rate (CTR)”

  1. Hi Sam! thanks a lot for great expertise, you are very helpful 🙂 I have a few questions, which i could find at ahrefs. Here it is -1. How many keywords are recommended to optimise at a time and how often i would need to change them? 2. Is it a good idea to write blogs which are trendy but not much related to your niche, but come across with the interest of your audience? (as i can see several bad and good points about it). 3. How many blogs a month would be a good number to upload? I hope this is not too much to ask. Many thanks in advance, i trust your opinion

  2. I have few pages on first page but not one number 1. I knew that optimizing the title can improve my CTR but at the same time i am also afraid to do so fearing that i might even lose the rank i have.

    So my question is if i rank on first page and optimize the title, will it hurt the SERP or can affect negatively??

  3. Great video. You go a bit too quick but love the content. I've been using the process in the second half you suggest and it works great! I LOVE free ways to increase leads.
    I'm amazed at how few business owners know what Search Console is, let along use it for finding opportunities from the figures in it. Its an AWESOME tool.
    Thanks for making this video Sam.

  4. Great video Sam cheers. How about some meta description lovin next? Ps. I appreciate that you don’t ram Ahrefs down our throats as a hard sell for those of us starting out and unable to afford a tool yet. It’s nice to have options. I’ll say that Ahrefs really does seem great though, will definitely check it out when I can justify the spend (ie established 😀)

  5. Hi, Sam & Ahrefs team,

    Great work uploading insightful videos on producing quality content.

    But right now everyone is talking about E-A-T. Any solutions for Google core updates or algorithms? The problem is when traffic drops people do weird stuff on their website and it will go flat dead soon(years of work). There are 1000's of queries in Google product forums for traffic drops. If you can provide some insight into what direction we should take; it will be great.

    I'm sure many Ahrefs users are also facing the same issue this year.


  6. sam if possible then make video on micro niche blog work plan like how to rank faster, how to work on micro niche blog , how to earn from it , how to find micro niche blog topic and some ahrefs special that how to dominate micro niche blog , if possible make this video sam as fast as you can and this video was also a great one as always keep loading more

  7. Great video as always. What can I use to improve my tittle if the the search volume is very low ( keyword is 2 in Ahreffs) so i can not see any other suggested keywords………Can I still write the title as "best headphones " and hope for the best ( there is no parent topic)? ( my query is in spanish and it seems that few people is feeding Google with questions, so there is no even a list of suggested keywords available) . Any advice ? Thanks!!!

  8. Great walkthrough Sam! Would love to hear your thoughts or experience on a good process or tools out there for testing title tags against one another. I know Brian Dean put out a paid WP plugin for this awhile back, but I've heard surprisingly little about more advanced ways to approach title tag optimization besides simply swapping new ones one at a time and monitoring results.

  9. Thanks Sam for another awesome video! I always struggle with Title tag. But like you suggested I always use Ahrefs top 10 see what they have and based on that I determine what would be the best Title tag for my article. And I am using %%currentyear%% a lot specially in the reviews. I think that works like charm!

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