I Stole Neil Patel's Entire 2019 SEO Strategy [Strategy Revealed]

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In this video, I share a cool way Neil has recently been using tools to rank for SEO keywords.

So what did I do? I figured I would try it out myself!

Check out the tool here: https://develomark.com/google-search-trends-software/

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34 thoughts on “I Stole Neil Patel's Entire 2019 SEO Strategy [Strategy Revealed]”

  1. Is there anyway you can integrate what new trends are starting out instead of showing what already is trending or was trending, for example that new around neck fans for running that became a trend this summer. Is there a way to add upcoming trends suggestions to your tool? Not sure if i explained it right but hope you understand not that your tool will predict the future but show something that is starting to get alot of search volume.Maybe you can beat google trends if you can find a way and if theres something out already please let me know ,thank you for your hard work i will be downloading your chrome extension tommorow morning ;)many blessings in your business

  2. Great video Ruan! I’m interested in your course but I’m brand new to SEO/websites. Do you think your course would be beneficial to someone like me or for someone with a little more experience?

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