Is 2011 the Year of Mobile Websites?

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It seems that over the past few years mobile web use and mobile marketing has been promised to be "massive", but is 2011 really year for mobile websites to boom?

Whilst mobile apps have had huge success over the last few years, it seems that mobile sites have grown slower in their popularity – with only the last year showing a dramatic increase in its development and use. There are many reasons why companies are beginning to use mobile websites, including the ability to expand their brand awareness and target the 2 billion users worldwide. However here's the main reason that 2011 will be the year that mobile website use will become huge; Google has a new mobile marketing tool that will change mobile marketing for good.

Google's newly announced marketing tool has the potential to revolutionize mobile web search marketing and see mobile web marketing in general gain much success. Those developing mobile sites will now be able to get keyword ideas for not only desktop users, but mobile based web users (whether on WAP or smart-phone browsers) too. This means that content of these sites can be tailor to suit the perfectly qualified target audience of those who use the web via their mobile.

This powerful new tool which is designed to carefully decipher the needs of the mobile web users through their search use will make having mobile websites a whole lot more valuable. Giving yet another reason for business, organizations and individuals to get on board and create a mobile website as soon as possible.

One of the arguments against having such website has previously been that web traffic contributories negligibly compared to that of desktop web traffic. Yet this is sure to change with the optimization of Google's mobile web search functionality. Using Google's latest technique, those who come to your mobile site will be just as important and useful as those who would reach you using a desktop browsing interface.

If 2011 is the year for mobile websites and you think it's time to get on board. There are many places online to get a site developed at surprisingly affordable rates. The cost of mobile web development has declined as the number of sites and services ready to build one for you has grown. So your budget need not hold you back from getting up-to-date with this year's biggest business marketing trend.

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