Is Guest Posting Worth It? | How to Boost Your SEO Rank Through Guest Blogging

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Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post. Guest posting, do you think it’s worth it?

You know what? If you do, just leave your comment with yes. If you don’t, leave a comment with no.

Today I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned from over 1,000 guest posts.

That’s right.

I’ve written over 1,000 guest posts.

Yes, it hasn’t happened over the last year. It was many, many years of building it up, but I have written over 1,000 blog posts just in English.

That’s a ton of content! Is it worth it?

I don’t do it anymore, so you’re probably like no. But you know what, I’ll tell you the answer, and it’s a bit more complicated than just a yes or no answer.

If you’re in the B2C niche guest posting is not worth it because the amount of traffic and business generated is so small, you won’t make enough revenue to justify the time.

But on the flip side, for B2B, it is worth it, and you can make a ton of money.

I’m talking about millions of dollars.

I can even give you an example of how I’ve done well through guest posting, but it’s not what you think you can’t just release a guest post or two guest posts and do well.

When I started guest posting, I would write one or two articles a week and figured I would get a ton of business from just that.

Guess how much business I drummed up from it?

Little to none.

But after doing it for a year or two, what happened to all my articles on Entrepreneur, and Inc., and Forbes about social media marketing and SEO and link building and digital marketing?

They started to rank on Google. The articles started getting a ton of traction.

I wasn’t doing anything. Just over time, they naturally rank.

Businesses would see these articles and reach out to me.

I would get business contracts from it. I wasn’t getting contracts that for $ 1,000. Of course, those leads would come in, but I was getting six-figure contracts, and it was amazing, all because of my guest posts.

I’ve done more guest posting than most people.

I had a team who helped me manage my whole guest posting schedule. I had editors who helped me out. Just because I was writing the articles didn’t mean I could edit and add images to them fast enough.

At one point I was grinding so hard, I was cranking out one guest post per day, seven days week. And they were short articles.

I streamlined to 700-word articles or 1,000 words just to crank them out left and right, and some of the topics were regurgitated.

I would publish similar articles on Entrepreneur and Forbes.

I didn’t care.

It wasn’t duplicate content.

I would rewrite it, make it unique enough, but I was doing it so I can do quantity.

After a year or two, it drummed up business, but in the short run, it was a big waste of time and a money loss.

Here’s the thing with guest posting, you should be doing it to build authority, a name for yourself and to drum up business.

After the first year, you’ll start seeing some results.

After two years, you’ll dominate and start getting business, and you can generate a seven-figure income from it.

You build a business by becoming an authority in your space.

I get $20,000 speaking engagements because people read my articles.

If you want to do it, do it, but do it for two straight years. And you have to do at least five articles a week.

Doing a few here and there won’t accomplish anything.

Follow these strategies, and you’ll create a ton of income from guest posting, assuming you’re in B2B.

If you’re in B2C, don’t waste your time.

If you’re not sure what kind of articles to write when guest posting, leave a comment below and I’ll give you some advice.

Best of luck with your guest posting.

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42 thoughts on “Is Guest Posting Worth It? | How to Boost Your SEO Rank Through Guest Blogging”

  1. How many of you watching this can get your articles on Forbes, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, besides Neil Patel? You would have to build upon your sites and make hundreds of quality youtube videos with one million subscribers before they ever speak to you. It's not easy, takes a lot of time.

  2. "If you're in the B2C niche guest posting is not worth it because the amount of traffic and business generated is so small, you won't make enough revenue to justify the time. If you're in B2C, don't waste your time."

    If find it a very genuine way to do marketing online for products to potential customers, Because to sell your products online I have to show my products to potential customers online they are on. and the best place I can find them to publish is the fashion blogging sites online. Because most of the people online find the best products for them on fashion savvy blogs.

  3. Thank you for being so honest! and straight forward! that means the world to me! That is exactly what i do with my readings. I don't like leaving people in the dusk or dark. I explain what it means, but also make it clear to people that they are the ones that can change the energy. By their own choice, so they should realize, they are always in their own power.!!!!

  4. Hey Neil,
    Huge fan! Thank you for the great piece on guest posting. Gives a lot of perspectives to know that one has to do at least 5 blogs a day and that too for 2 years in a row.
    Do you recommend writing 5 guest posts a day for 2 years straight for a niche like wedding planning? It's not as competitive.

  5. Hi hope you doing well
    just need to ask i have website but it's not a bussiness site its just educational to help people's and its free. For getting more traffic do i need to do guest posting ? is any cheaper way to rank on google as i told u its not bussiness .

  6. Hey Sir! i am big fan of you.. i have a site of fashion leather jackets. I have been doing guest posting, 10 social account posting, link submission.but i'ts result not well. what can i do for get more traffic instead of guest posting , social account?

  7. Hey Neil, I am just watching your "Best Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners" and i just love your content. Its really refreshing . Neil a real quick question , I wanted to know that when you are just starting up , how can you guest blog post on credible sites such as The Entrepreneur, Inc. and Forbes. Is there any general procedure for the same?

  8. hi neil, thx for sharing, great video :).. i have a question, if i want to get backlink from guest post, where should i target the link? to my homepage or to my article? (in case this is new website, only have 5 post). do i have to put anchor text (keyword that i targeted to guest post)? how much guest post i have to made per week for new website?

  9. Hey Neil. As always amazing and super valuable content! 👌 I am a master student who works 1 job and is trying to start 2 businesses besides that. Furthermore I workout 5 times a week, ride my road bicycle 3-4 times a week and race in some weekends.
    I am considering starting a blog about my journey and learnings, but should it be focused on providing value about time management, entrepreneurship or working out/sport 🤔
    PS. I am passionate about all 3 topics…

    All the best,

  10. Questions:

    1 – I have many radical post ideas, I would love to write them all on my blog, how do I choose to write for someone else my brilliant ideas instead of writing them on my blog?
    2 – How do you find the time to make 1/2 high quality articles a day for years? if you outsource how can you trust the writer?
    3 – what's the best way to get approved all the time so that you don't write for nothing?
    4 – are you rewriting the same article with other words and submit to other sites?
    5 – are these too many questions?


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