Juicebox | Drupal 7 – Part 2: Installation & Setup

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In this tutorial you will learn on how to install and configure for the beautiful Juicebox gallery module on Drupal. In this tutorial you will learn how to install and setup the module as well as how to display via field formatter easily to create a juicebox gallery.

Site implemented juicebox gallery:


Part 1: https://youtu.be/mAlrXU0MP0k
Part 2: Current video
Part 3: https://youtu.be/BfcupF8ZYEY

Other nice tutorials you may want to refer:

Create Responsive Image Galleries in Drupal 7 with Juicebox


NOTE: According to webwash’s teaching, you just need to rename “jbcore” folder to “juicebox” and placed it in your /libraries folder will do. That should be the only main folder and files to use in Drupal. Do test it out.


15 thoughts on “Juicebox | Drupal 7 – Part 2: Installation & Setup”

  1. I am having an issue with this module.
    When I set a content type to use it as formatter on presentation it just doesn't show any image, and when I use Juicebox as a view type it only displays one image at a time.

  2. i followed whole tutorial and i was successfully able to setup the whole thing.
    But after installing it there was some problem with responsiveness of this module images was showing in very small size in gallery not in proper way.

    Screenshot present here:-


    I thiink there is some problem.
    Because when I inspect element at that page for that time the gallary works fine.


    but after refreshing the page it again gives same problem.

    What to do ?
    Please help.

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