Keyword Research Tutorial for 2019 (NEW)

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Keyword research is a critical part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This training video will show you my simple 3-step keyword research process.

That way you only target keywords that your website is capable of ranking for.

And most importantly:

Only target keywords that your ideal customers are actually interested in.

Watch the video now to learn my simple 3-step process.

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46 thoughts on “Keyword Research Tutorial for 2019 (NEW)”

  1. with moz extension, DA + PA are indicators. You talk only about DR (domain rating) – I suppose this is AREF feature. Is this DR a combination of DA + PA? I see any value less than 50 for both DA and PA as a good sign to rank. Should I raise this threshold higher?

  2. Love it, I extended you're template with a colum with the catagory of the keyword. Separating "money" keywords where people already want to buy from "interest" keywords which I can write blogs for.

  3. Hey Nathan,
    Thanks for this video.
    Could you please tell me that once you copy the content of keyword planner to the common sheet(around 4:30), do you take the min search volume or max search volume ?

  4. Hey Nathan would you please tell how you get those page details which are showing after link [ YOUR VIDEO 12:31 ] In which mention ''DR" | ROOT DOMAIN . Can I get this please send me the link.
    – Yes your video is quite very comprehensive

  5. You are best Gotch. You make video once in few weeks or months doesn't matter. Everytime you share the creme mate. Real tactics and practical one. Love your videos . Thank You. I am waiting for today's class in my time at 10.30…

  6. Hi nathan, Its have been an awesome video.

    I have got a simple question. Which is the best tool between ahrefs and moz for keyword diffuculty. Because both have different results and wide difference between results

  7. Hi Nathan, thanks for the great tutorial, I noticed you also use the keywords everywhere plugin, do you take into consideration the Competition metric provided by this plugin? how inaccurate do you believe it to be? As you mention only the competition from ahrefs. Thanks

  8. Hey Nathan, started watching your Youtube Videos from the time you published the case study on "Blogspot" ranking. Watching your videos gives me more clarity of SEO. Keep up the good work and please make more detailed videos like this. Thanks

  9. Hey Nathan,
    Great video man. But can you clear my one confusion. Let's think just for 1 second: You gave me backlink from your post. And for a moment, we imagine that this post don't have any backlinks to it.
    And let's say you created new post today and linked to my site.
    Which post will show the effect from backlink faster. Your post or newly created post?

  10. Thanks nathan for sharing this wonderful series. Just watching and following steps to use in my future campaigns. Also thanks for replying will also work on earning editorial links. Thanks again

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