LEAKED! Google LSA Ads Explained In 1 Video

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In this video I show you a webinar that I use for my digital marketing agency to convert prospects into meetings

Webinars are highyl effective as they generally cover a specific topic and is helpful for the end user

Creating webinars are great for quick explainers rather than getting on calls and having to take your time. Let your webinar become the full time sales person fr your agency

You can create a webinar on topics that are important to your prospects, the best webinars talk about a pressing point for your prospect.

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24 thoughts on “LEAKED! Google LSA Ads Explained In 1 Video”

  1. This is fascinating to know. It's not available in the UK yet, but I'll be hot on this when it rolls out. I've noticed early adopters get a fantastic deal for new marketing platforms like this, and I know Google will do a good job of it.

  2. Amazing video! Thanks! But I have a question… what about mobile services how would that company qualify if Google employee will need to inspect your place? Say for example you’re a mobile pet groomer, a mobile handyman, a mobile cellphone repair tech? What about about online freelancers? Thanks in advance!

  3. Google seems to be the most significant SEO company in the world. Lead generations rank and rent is getting harder every day everyone on mobile and Google taking up more real estate every day is rank and rent dead on arrival?

  4. Ruan, is there way to find out how much my competitors are paying for certain keywords? I can see general cpc info with KWE tool but i want to see how much my competitors are actually paying for certain keyboards. This would really help me and all of us if you can give us way to do this! Thanks 🙂
    thank you for great values always an

  5. Thank you for the presentation, it’s very informative and great idea. I didn’t even know this was a thing before I watched your video. Keep up the great work!

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