Learn My "Stupid Simple" Secret Agency Client Attraction Method BLAH BLAH BLAH …

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Usually on my channel I post useful tutorials on what I do with the accounts we manage. But in todays short video, I wanted to remind you that even in these hard times, you should NOT fall for guru scams because times are tough and you want a “way”.

Stick to your guns, focus on your service, get better each and everyday, and focus on client retention rather than attraction.

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25 thoughts on “Learn My "Stupid Simple" Secret Agency Client Attraction Method BLAH BLAH BLAH …”

  1. I’ve been saying it for a long time, these so called “guys” are nothing but a scam… think about it this way, if you had a method guaranteed to get you clients for 3K to 10k a month why the hell would you sell it on a course for 1999$ ? These ppl are scums

  2. Thoughts on Ryan Wegner? He seems to fit the category of a guru without having an agency on google or even a LinkedIn profile. Would be great if you could single out people and review what they are promoting as it would help a lot of people avoid expensive mistakes…

  3. Are You Still Cold Calling Sending Cod Emails Messaging on Linkedin and Sending Lumpy Mail Your Doing it Wrong! GTFOH What do You Use Telekinesis LOL. So Much Bs Like These High Ticket Closers Never Worked in a Sales Room in There Fing Life! Glad You Did This Video I Think I needed That! But I Did Make 20k Last Month With Running Ads For B2C so There is Money In This Model its Not Overnight & Outsourcing Everything Either But There is Profits When Done Right!

  4. There is no better course out there to improve your digital marketing skills in a genuine way than ruans underground secrets course, I’ve watched almost every single one of his YouTube videos and now that I’m on his course I’m learning real skills that have helped me start working for free on other people’s businesses. One day I’m gonna fly to CT just to attend a seminar by him.

  5. It's definitely plaguing the ad space on Facebook & YouTube. They are everywhere man.

    Our agency started in Jan 2012 and client retention has been our key. Client acquisition has been a struggle in the AUS market due to our business/pricing model.

    Great video Ruan.

  6. Awesome video Ruan! Love it!
    Also what would you recommend to someone just starting out their marketing journey, no website and no paying clients(just one non-paying client), how do you recommend they go out and approach clients or get clients?


    P.S I'm in the paid marketing industry( Fb and Google adwords)

  7. Simple solution is to build niche sites with great seo… rank the site on page 1. Collect the leads and send them to a local contractor in that niche. Tell him you'll keep the leads coming and he can pay you per lead. Really very simple

  8. I think the marketplace is getting exponentially more skeptical of online courses.

    You need really powerful influence and credibility to offer a biz-opp product/course if you have any chance.

    That being said, I've done a couple courses that I got some great value out of and really enjoyed. I review them regularly, and I've made money off what I learned.

    I've also don't some courses that were a total rip-off and regret not doing a charge back!

    So be a smart consumer before you take out that credit card!

  9. Wow another amazing super great video info and analysis from absolutely the best channel on utube. you hit this one out of the park again. thank you and keep up the good work

  10. Preach it, man! I have been running an advertising agency for over 8 years. Been in online advertising for over 12 years. It took me so long to build my company and then all of a sudden people started pitching this service like it's super easy and overnight lead success. It watered down the business big time and so many businesses got burned that now they are so scared to spend money on it. My company used to have the #1 spot on Google for Digital Marketing before the term was commonplace. Then these wannabe's started spamming my inbox trying to sell my agency on lead gen and this and that. If you know even half of what they claim they would be thriving but they don't. You are right it is super stressful. I barely slept the first 3 years and was on calls constantly and putting out fires to cover my ass to make sure clients didn't fuck up campaigns. Most people have no idea they are sold this pipe dream of easy money fast. Digital Marketing is constantly changing you have to learn non stop or what you are selling is outdated in a week. Tactics stop working when privacy laws change and companies get sued. There is so much too it that is never talked about. I stopped using the word agency and refer to it as an advertising firm just so people don't get a pre-disposition. 8 years later and we don't just focus on online ads, we do radio, tv, programmatic. You name it we do it bc that's how true 360 digital marketing works.

  11. I literally felt the same way. I bought his smma2.0 but I knew I had no fucking clue how to provide the digital marketing services to business. I tried and failed and got no real value from his course. It’s the sad truth. These fucking people don’t know shit and didn’t teach me shit. I’ve been following you for years now and seen the transformation and wanted to say keep it up.

  12. It's taken me years to build a portfolio for legal , construction and interiors clients. I have to know their industry backwards plus know how to sell their services on their behalf plus ensure they look super professional – not scuzzy. I work 12 hours a day plus study new techniques and technologies to help them increase their business. It's very very stressful and difficult with truckloads of concepts rejected. Do not believe the likes of Gary Vee who think it's all about social media – its about copywriting, ad words, seo and a hundred more disciplines to make it all come together. That is the reality.

  13. Lol… You said it. I started from website development. And jumped into marketing. Lol. Now I'm in tech SEO. So yeah learn and do a lot of free work. Dropserv is what your talk about. New Drop shipping

  14. You really tell it like it is. I've been doing digital marketing for about six months now and i still have four clients. Still working on improving my service delivery.

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