Local SEO Audit: How to Fix Your Google Rankings in 2020

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Local SEO can sometimes feel trickier than traditional SEO.

However, with the right guidance, you can achieve awesome rankings. That’s what this new video is all about.

I’m going to show you a real local SEO audit we did for a client. In short, I’ll walk through each part of the SEO process.

It’s a deep video, so watch a segment, act on the information, and then watch some more.

Here are some of the tools I used throughout training:

SEMRush: https://www.gotchseo.com/recommends/sem-rush

Surfer: https://www.gotchseo.com/recommends/surfer

Link Building Techniques: https://youtu.be/XN_a1wHWvJ0

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20 thoughts on “Local SEO Audit: How to Fix Your Google Rankings in 2020”

  1. Awesome video on local.. I am facing a similar issue with the directory website occupying most of the first page with 2 actual local websites. These two websites have low DR and the one I have to work on is way better in terms of number of backlinks and DR but it is ranking on 5th page

  2. So interesting that forced me to watch 57 minutes video till the end. Let's see how your client, AFS Premier, materializes these recommendations. By the way, a link to the SEO Audit Template would have been much beneficial for everyone.

  3. Hello Nathan :
    I follow you from Arabic content,

    I have a question, I have a site in Arabic and the first search results are excellent,

    Can I write different content, for example English or German, and top the first search results?
    You have finished the question, you can see the sources for research
    My Site : https://www.yehia.online/
    I skipped large sites within months of your channel Thank you

    Words I utter
    "مكتبة socket"
    "مكتبة requests"
    "تشفير كود بايثون"
    And More…..
    Thank You :

    Nathan Gotch

  4. Great video. I have a question, When I run my website with Semrush (domain overview) it returns nothing. I assume because my domain is only 4 months old, but I have spent quite some time adding content for it. From your experience, how long will it take for my domain to begin to have that overview and provide a path for further SEO? Thank you

  5. Thank you Nathan for the video – much appreciated – at 9 minutes 34 secs you say "that is a PBN, we would not even want to get a link from them" – is that because of the anchor text (too optimized)?

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