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In today’s video, we go through working with a client at their new location in Ansonia CT. We go through their opening and closing a new deal for Develomark.

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39 thoughts on “Making $18,500 In ONE DAY Selling Digital Marketing | Market For Good”

  1. LIKE this video for chicken nuggets! Leave a comment down below if you want me to post the full sales call on YouTube. Thank you everyone that is keeping the VLOG's going! We appreciate your viewership 🙂

  2. Great video John!!!

    I like this Market For Good tyoe of videos, like a reality show which is actually real. Lol.

    And I like your idea about the share screen. I'll probably do that as most of my clients can't imagine the financial reports and different kpi reports I am telling them during our calls. Lol

    Thanks again John.

  3. So Ruan I would Like to start implementing some skills I have learned from you but I suck at designing WordPress website but I am amazing at designing wix websites can I rank keywords using wix? Or does it matter?

  4. Phenomenal content as always! Did you see the service areas update limiting GMB listings to 20 optimized areas? I'd love to know how you think this changes approach to GMB. You rock! Thanks for all you do!

  5. Just to make this clear, this is $18,500 for a 1 year contract which includes the website, SEO, Social media management, etc? That basically comes out to $1,540 per month which is good but I'm sure Ruan has a TON of overhead with all his employees salaries, office rental, etc. In the end with all the time invested I'm wondering if there is any profit after all expenses into the business.

  6. Hello Ruan, I hope you well. Thank you for the great video. Please could you possible do a video on the best ways or technique to get clients. Should you DM them? Should you email them? etc. I and i think many other people would appreciate this. thanks in advance.

  7. Awesome video Ruan and team! This gave me a lot of great insights into things that I can apply personally towards my self development and to the agency I work for! I'm sure I speak for most, but really getting a better view of the sales process would be super valuable. Maybe even showing more of your team's day to day tasks and letting them run the show for a couple of minutes would be awesome too! (Sorry Develomark team!)

  8. Hey Ruan! Thanks for another great video, i love this new series. What Software were you using in the videochat with your prospect? I want to do the same

  9. Oh and I agree 100x that its much better to write content for clients (at least the majority of it) because the website will be more powerfull and you wont have the "ultimate content hassle"..

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