Managing Media Assets using Core Media in Drupal 8

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By Ivan Zugec

In this video, you’ll learn how to manage assets using core Media module in Drupal 8.

– Media (in Drupal 8.5 core)
– Embed (
– Entity Embed (
– Entity Browser (download 2.x) (
– Video Embed Field (download 2.x only) (
– Ctools (
– DropzoneJs (
– Inline Entity Form (

View this tutorial for more details:

Managing Media Assets using Core Media in Drupal 8


Agenda: 00:41
What’s new in Drupal 8: 01:35
Required Modules: 09:53

Demo time: 11:02
Install Media module: 11:49
How to Upload and view assets: 12:34
Overview of Media types: 14:42
Create remote video media type: 15:34
Field mapping in media types: 17:45
Create remote video asset: 18:52
Customize remote video formatters: 19:48

Media Field
Attach media field to Article content type: 20:24
Using Inline Entity Form on media field: 22:53
Install Inline Entity Form: 23:27
Configure IEF on media field widget: 24:46

Entity Embed
Install Entity Embed: 27:44
Create embed button: 28:37
Configure text format for embed button: 29:40
Testing embed button: 32:27
Entity Browser
Install Entity Browser: 35:50
Create entity browser: 38:21
Integrating entity browser and entity embed: 39:45
Create view for entity browser: 41:02
Add IEF to entity browser: 47:35

Entity Browser and DropzoneJS
Add dropzonejs to entity browser: 51:59
Customize fields on media types using form modes: 54:26

Drupal 8.6
What’s new in Drupal 8.6: 01:01:56


16 thoughts on “Managing Media Assets using Core Media in Drupal 8”

  1. Hey Ivan Thanks a lot for the great video. I´ve got a question, what would be the best way to use media in order to set a background video to the website/homepage? Cheers and keep up the great work!

  2. Ivan, if you would like you can switch of the alternative text for a image field. Just go to the edit fields setting and switch off use Alt. It is not good for accesibility but if you know all your customers (ie an intranet or so) you can choose to switch it off.

  3. I tried to install media module but it gives an error "The website encountered an unexpected error.Please try again later".
    Please help me to sort out this problem

  4. Thanks for this video, very helpful. A small note: when you get a question from your viewers, it would be great if you read it in its entirety (e.g. at 59:53), because it's not easy to guess what you're trying to achieve then. 😉

  5. Still a lot of work to do for using media "out of the box". Thanks for showing us Ivan.

    One thing that keeps me thinking. Suppose I want an artist site with each artist managing it's own portfolio. How would I prevent others from using my uploaded media?

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