Meet Google Pixel 3

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The new Pixel 3, it’s designed from the inside out to be the smartest, most helpful device in your life. It’s a phone that can answer itself, a camera that won’t miss a shot, and a helpful Assistant even while it’s charging.

Learn more about Pixel 3 at:

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26 thoughts on “Meet Google Pixel 3”

  1. Why can't people just learn from Samsung. S9 has a stereo speaker yet a headphone jack. They do not have a notch yet a have a super small bezel. What's the point of having such a disgusting notch if you know people are going to cover it with software and it will just be like an iPhone 8 in terms of bezel?

  2. People try to make a meme out of this notch, but you don't look at the big picture.
    I could definitely overlook this notch for it's software, and I strongly think that people shouldn't judge this phone badly only for it's notch.

  3. Boo, Google! This is a disgrace. The Pixel 3 XL could have been just a bigger Pixel 3 design and we wouldn't mind it having a bezel because of the front-firing speakers. What an utter disappointment.

  4. Lacking a card slot at 3.5mm. jack. Hard sell when it costs so much for the base unit. The only thing I like is the camera but I kinda need this thing called a card slot, you know, for extra ON BOARD STORAGE. Instead of in cloud stuff, that could vanish at ANY moment. Spend your money on a better phone. Also yes, the notch on the XL is ugly, but I don't like plus sized phones.

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