Meet Google Pixel 3a

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With the camera you always wanted plus an all-day-all-night battery and the Google Assistant built-in. Starting at $399.

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27 thoughts on “Meet Google Pixel 3a”

  1. Bloody costly here in India. Its around $450 for the smaller one. Hahah.. it's no joke, If i want a camera i can easily get a mid-range dslr for that price. Or if i want a phone, one plus 7 will be a far better choice at that price point. Lol

  2. You should have said the xs instead of the x. The x came out almost 2 years ago, of course it's better. The xs doesn't get a camera upgrade from it, so you should have said that.

  3. dear google, you are one of the very few brands on the solar system, that is actually a brand. i don't remember like ever, been pissed at this brand. love what ever you make, definitlly number 1

  4. I am loving my Pixel 3a. The camera, headphone jack, assistant, wi-fi calling, 18 watt fast charging, and 3 year support are great. My two criticisms would be it's a bit tall for one handed use, would have liked it a bit shorter, but the ability to use the swipe down on the fingerprint sensor to pull down the notifications and settings does help with that. And I would have gladly traded the squeeze assistant feature and maybe lower storage for wireless charging. But aside from that, loving it.

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