My #1 Secret For Growing Your Digital Marketing Agency

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47 thoughts on “My #1 Secret For Growing Your Digital Marketing Agency”

  1. Amazing content Ruan, always delivering quality!

    Quick question. Considering the content and meta descriptions etc are pre-written, does that mean every client within that niche gets a similar website in terms of content/meta description? I am assuming you change content slightly for each business? Please let me know, confused.

  2. Hey Ruan, the strategy you use to build out websites quickly is INSANE! I emailed you to register for your invite-only event, but haven't heard back. But if you're hosting the event at later date I'd be really interested in attending. Keep up the good work!


    I’ve watched this several times to build a “sample” site map.

    I have a niche. So now I need to research the market, fill in the site map and create SEO optimized content pages to feed into a template.

    Question: What software do you use to create template websites?

    Thanks for all you do, Ruan!
    God bless ❤️

  4. Thanks, Ruan! Will you do a new video when 10 plumber websites will be banned in google because they have a similar design, sitemaps and title patterns (not sure about other content)? Or it just works for local SEO?

  5. How much impact do you see by using xif data on your images? And is there a location format you see working best? I am a little new to embedding the location meta on images and am in the process of converting every image on my sites that are on location specific pages.

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