My Client Spent $10,000 On Facebook Ads …

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Not one phone call, one qualified lead, one sale, nothing. After spending $10,000 on Facebook ads, my real estate client has still not seen any results.


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15 thoughts on “My Client Spent $10,000 On Facebook Ads …”

  1. Well the real issue is that they have to do 2 things. #1, they have to become somewhat of an influencer on the platform, it actually helps. #2. You have to feed the machine. You, the more money you pour into ads over long periods of time (longer than one month) that will help you get in good standing with Facebook's algorithm as well. WAY too many people are just throwing money at Facebook ads without ever understanding what they are really getting into. You need to be in for the long haul or else you will blow tons of money and quit. I'm not sure why everyone is hung up on Facebook ads. YES, there is a ton of people on that platform, NO, they are not all wanting to see ads or be targeted so they just ignore them. (Welcome to reality) even with well matched look-a-like audiences, Facebook ads can be hit or miss for a lot of people. Simple solution, go off and create content that builds up your brand name online vs relying to heavily on one ad campaign on one platform. What industry you are in matters to, if you are in real estate (good luck) the platform is saturated with agents who do not have any skills when it comes to lead generation so they get desperate and toss a chunk of money into Facebook ads hoping to strike it rich vs being a long term content creator who actually builds value to a base of people vs trying to sell them with ads all the time.

  2. Is it still possible to scale a facebook ads agency to 1mill in Oct of 2018.

    Can anyone name top agencies?

    Anyone making 100k plus who started last year or 2016?

    Would love to regain confidence in this platform.

  3. Can't agree with everything because it depends on product or service the business offers – there are never any guarantees with SEO or defined timelines of first page keyword achievement. And saying that SEO is more moral than Facebook ads is a bit ridiculous lol. Direct to consumer products work great with ads and local service business are good for SEO… As with everything else in marketing- IT DEPENDS 😂😂

  4. Dude…I’ll be honest. I could not sit through this video however if the client that you introduced in the beginning is still in need of a professional Facebook advertising management…tell them to track me down. I’ll charge a shit load but their return on ad spend will be awesome.

  5. For local services I'm looking in… Google maps + Facebook. Why? Cos GM gives me the closest places and FB gives me in one place: reviews, list of services, address, instant contact, possibility of catching fans to ask something etc.

  6. I may not agree with everything however I do see your point. Most marketers and agency position Facebook ads as the end all be all. However, local service businesses will get better results with retargeting. Unless they are using find Facebook ads to present a jaw-dropping offer. The other thing is understanding the different level of awareness… You are going to need content , build trust and authority. This eliminates tons of businesses.

    This means you need 3 -4 different ads to that audience. Not just one ad and buyers. Also some services are long purchases or high ticket …longer to convert

  7. Hey i have been following you for a little bit now and have been looking into starting to sell things on fb as well as helping others though fb and seo is there any way to get ahold of you. Do you council/teach people about how to get started in this buisness

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