My Digital Marketing Agency Pricing Model That Made Me $43,000

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In this video, I cover my digital marketing agency pricing structure. Leave a comment down below about your pricing model for a chance to win a 30-minute consultation call!



37 thoughts on “My Digital Marketing Agency Pricing Model That Made Me $43,000”

  1. So I got into wp web management. And I charge 28 an hour…. I apply multiple services such as content writing, graphic design, seo etc. Experience wise I only started a couple of months ago with the same client. I still have a problem managing my service, should I focus on one thing at once? Or should I continue what I do by charging more? Thanks.

  2. The issue with this is what happens in 6 months. How do you retain the client ? I don’t want to be signing up seo clients for just six months. This creates a lot of client churn.

  3. Excellent video, Ruan! You have provided some real gems and I know that this business is legit for I follow other sources that support and validate the legitimacy of this niche- great stuff! See you at the top!

  4. This was amazing! I regret not having enough to join the underground earlier in January, but I've learned so much form you, Chase & even the Futur that my first client is letting me brand, optimize and help strategize their PPC in exchange for testimonials leaving me with case studies to use with acquiring paying clients next!

    Thank you & God bless you, Ruan M.!


    DMA(DigitalMarket.Agency, underdevelopment) C.E.O.

  5. Don't you consider it to be a potential, big threat when using the hourly rate to charge your clients – when you are charing for hours worked, you would tend to spread that work over long stretches of time, just to get more money?

  6. Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  7. Great video! Like it! We also publish videos about agency! Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! 😀 Don't forget to subscribe if you like it!!😀


  8. You are wrong, project cost is not how much a freelancer wants to make, it is based on value delivered. If a freelancer has a certain process and system developed and is highly skilled he can deliver better quality and faster, and by your words he should be paid less for being more professional. Smh…

  9. You are very insightful and straight to the point. How do you know how many hours you will need to dedicate to a campaign per month? We're striving for maximum results, but how do you know how many hours it would take to get those results for the client? The amount of time it takes to get results might get blurred when outsourcing work.

  10. Very Cool Ruan, The pay per performance, is great. As you said no one else does that. Great for giving the client as you say peace of mind since you're making clear you're holding yourself accountable toward their results. They don't really have anything, or very little anyway to lose!!

    Question, I've been gathering GMB accounts that are unclaimed. Emailed them and called one about the email. She called me and i missed. I called back. The prospect was very annoyed about me calling to share that she had one account claimed, and another unclaimed.. She said there was nothing wrong with her Google account. She said, "take me off your call list". I could follow-up with the email again, though my inclination is to say……next…. What's your thought, same or……

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