My Favorite SEO Strategy For Local Clients in 2020 [Tutorial]

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38 thoughts on “My Favorite SEO Strategy For Local Clients in 2020 [Tutorial]”

  1. Hey Ruan, love the content and oodles of helpful insights. Just wondering if you'd be able to throw me a bone – I live in an area (US) where the cities average 8sq mi. and range from 10-60min apart by commuting. In this scenario, for local SEO, would the only logical thing to do to rank clients be targeting keywords with all the cities? (~10)
    (city 1) Same Day Plumbing Service
    (city 1) Licensed Plumbing Contractor
    (city 2) Residential and Commercial Plumbing Contractor
    (city 2) Experienced and Honest Plumbing
    (city 3) Plumber Rates
    (city 3) In-house Plumbing
    (city 4) Emergency Plumbing
    (city 4) 24/7 Plumbing Professionals
    (city 5) Remodels and Renovation Plumbing
    (city 5) Plumbing and Septic Specialist

    Targeting all cities would involve a lot more work I'd imagine (Learning the how-to's. no actual experience, yet)

    Would love a hint on this one. Thank you!

  2. Love your videos man. What themes do you use to build your sites? Is it best to start a general website like say Roofing in Bluehill Nebraska? Get leads and then reach out to people in that area? Any answers would be apricated. I plan on joining your coarse.

  3. First of all, Thank You for Giving so much it really has set me straight on a path to take. I listen to you a lot.
    Anyways I would like to ask, You two questions.

    1) Do you know of a Good" Plumbing website Template in Elementor" ???
    2) Also for Load speed what are the best plugins?

    Thank You. American Plumbing Co.
    Carlos "Charlie" Gonzales 37 Year Plumber, 13 Year Student Marketer.

    Practice Peace, Practice LOVE, Practice Random Acts of LOVE and KINDNESS.
    Change Your Thing and inevitably You Will Change YOUR WORLD!
    For Whatever You FOCUS on is WHAT YOU WILL ATTRACT. Practice KINDNESS.

  4. Amazing video, one of the best I think you've ever made Ruan. It's been a year since I saw your channel and because of you I have gained confidence in my SEO ability and scaled my agency faster than I thought I could of.

  5. Thanks for the video Ruan, can u please share what were off page strategy you have used to rank and how much time it took to get on first page of Google? Thanks a lot again

  6. When customers can't find the tariff pages with prices – they go away to your competitors. Don’t hide this page because you lose conversions. I like the Ruan’s approach with creating this page. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great video Ryan and content. Do you have a video that explains your setup, website builder, screen recording, microphone and video editing software. In one of your videos you stated you have a template you follow for every website you build. How can I get a copy of this template?

  8. Hey!

    Am I correct in saying that you must interview your client a lot in order to write these technical articles? If so, how exactly do you structure that.. would't some articles require a substantial amount of work on the client's end?

    Thanks in advance Ruan / anyone else who wants to comment.

  9. Awesome content as always Ruan.

    VIDEO IDEA- Talk about that google partnership. I didn’t do any research on volume, just saw it on your website.

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