My First BIG Coding Project as a Web Developer at WORK | #devsLife

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The Page I Worked On:

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50 thoughts on “My First BIG Coding Project as a Web Developer at WORK | #devsLife”

  1. Hey, Nice page. I have been following you for over an year now. Just one thing I noticed in the page, the social links that appear on click of a row are not clickable on edges. Try adding this to the <a> tags styles [ width: 34px; display: inline-block; ].

  2. Hey Chris, great informative and encouraging videos. Ive been very curious on self-teaching myself to code or continuing college. These 2 options have been continuously going through my mind. I'm very interested in learning programming so doing either one is fine with me, I'm just very indecisive on what I should do or which is the better route?

  3. Hey Chris, I'm currently a Level 2 Help Desk Technician and have been in IT for about 5 years now. Strongly debating on switching to Coding as a career. I'm going to sign up for Tree house. What would you recommend to start with? Thanks!

  4. Awesome Chris, Congrats on completing your first project with the new company you work for. I can tell you put in alot of time and determination to complete this project. See what dedication and motivation does, keep up the great work and continue coding. All the best in your future endeavours.

  5. Nice headphone choice… I have the same model and color (they are amazing!). The Page looks great. Do you think for your next project Entrepreneur will start to utilize your developing Vue.js skills. This must of been a great project to get familiar with the codebase. I've Been following your channel for a while; you're an inspiration to aspiring web developers, and a genuinely nice person. Keep it up Chris!

  6. Keep going my man you actually made me start coding websites. I remember the days when I was coding just simple programs on c and c++ for my college projects and now… I can write perfect HTML and CSS with responsive design ( actually learning responsive ). Looking forward for crazy JS courses and notes then jump on a framework. Please keep inspiring people and make a video on coding a website I will be very glad to code along with you 😊

  7. Good job m8! Extremly inspiring to watch and hear how passionate you are. I viewed the page, and as someone who knows how much effort goes into a simple landing page i have to say you did a sick job!

  8. You must be so psyched!!! I’m super proud of you. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into what you do. It is so cool Entrepreneur let’s you show off some of your projects. You both are helping to encourage and develop the next generation of developers. Kudos!

  9. Hey Chris,
    questions for you. Do you often find yourself referring back to javascript/html/css samples in order to produce/write your code? or do you know and remember most of it. I ask because this is what I have the impression of. Software developers need to know every bit of code. How often do you find yourself getting help now that you are in the field. Always scared of the "am I good enough for a job" mentality

  10. Hey Chris I am not sure that you'll
    Read this but I think you could still add a feature in the webpage. You said there are literally 150 companies OK so why don't you add a search button just near the By company size area
    It'll be easier for the people to search for a particular company.
    And Congratulations for this achievement.

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