My Web Development PC Build in 2019

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My current PC Build for Web development and coding in 2019. Below are links to each parts.

Disclaimer: I will get a small commission for Amazon purchases made through links below. Thanks for supporting us to keep this channel going! 🙂

CPU: Intel Core i5-8400

Motherboard: Asrock H310M-HDV

RAM: T-Force Night Hawk RGB

Case: Thermaltake Core P1 TG

Cable: Thermaltake Sleeve Cable

AIO Cooler: Thermaltake Dual Ring RGB 240

Gauge: Bykski Temperature Sensor

PSU: Corsair VS 650W


7 thoughts on “My Web Development PC Build in 2019”

  1. The PSU in the video is not the same as the one in the description. The one in the description is the new VS650.

    Overall is a good PC, I would skip the sleeved cables and the thermometer. That GPU still powerful enough for medium to high graphics in AA or AAA games.
    And I think that the cooler is very overkill, but looks nice 👌

    For web development is very good.

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