Neil Patel Announces DEATH Of Expensive SEO Tools [Get SEO Tools FREE]

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Neil Patel recently wrote a blog post ( regarding his new software, ubersuggest. Neil acquired the software to drive more traffic to his website.

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Instead of creating content, Neil figured he might as well buy an existing business and implement it on his website.

In the same article, Neil referenced the SEO tools industry as an easy target to enter and compete. But Neil mentioned he wanted to compete on a different level – FREE

Neil announced the tool would be completely free to use to his visitors when it launches

I highly suggest you visit Neil’s website to keep up to date.

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38 thoughts on “Neil Patel Announces DEATH Of Expensive SEO Tools [Get SEO Tools FREE]”

  1. I used Uber suggest for a little while but I got annoyed with how slow it was. And it just felt cumbersome. So I spent $400 for a years worth of Mangools. Keyword research, rank tracking, SERP analysis, etc. I’ve already paid for it in the first month. The browser extension is freaking amazing. The extension allows me to go on potential clients sites and see what they are ranking and what the onpage SEO, backlinks, page speed, meta info.

  2. Uber suggest is shit, this tool can never match the data provided by ahref and semrush. You are just stealing data from different tools like keywords everywhere. I have matched the data with tools like keywords everywhere and it is almost same (99%). Stop fooling people just because you are famous and have a good following

  3. He is here to disrupt d industry! He is doing great job! He is basically Gujrati who are known for their business acumen in India. Even if he is born and raised in d USA, he has business in his blood! This community is known to completely demolish d competitors as soon as enter in d market by offering either free or so lower price that d competitor can't afford to provide and do d monopoly business. I hope he keeps it free as he has promised!!

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