Online Brand Management

Are you in control of your business's reputation? Are you well respected in your local community? What about online? Today, more and more people go online to research businesses and individuals. Do you have any control over what they see? A single complaint online can lead to extreme financial losses to business that are not prepared for it and do not manage their brand online. With online consumer advocacy groups disgruntled customers can post negative information regarding your company in a matter of minutes. This information often is seen receiving top search engine results sometimes even before your own website!

Now I believe in consumer advocacy, but I also know that even the best companies can not please everyone. In most cases for every upset customer you may have 10 or even 100 satisfied customers. It is under this knowledge that you must manage all aspects of your brand online. You must be proactive in notifying your accomplishments, customer praise, and pursuit a constant effort to manage your brand online.

Take the time to act as one of your potential customers and research your brand online. Determine what they would do to find out about you. I speak to many clients that have waited too long to take some control over online brand management. They looked at it from a cost perspective and said it did not make sense at the time because my record was clean online. Yet now they spending more money working on cleaning up their brand while losing money as clients are turned away by negative information posted by upset clients. Take the time to manage your brand in an effort to limit your company from the damaging effects upset customers.

Source by Ryan Canton

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