OOP, Design Patterns and Drupal 8

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Marc Isaacson

With the switch to OOP and the inclusion of many parts of the Symfony framework, Drupal 8 has (finally) moved into the modern era of web development best practices. Let’s have a look at how some of those best practices are being put to use within Drupal 8.

In this session I will walk you through:

* Object Oriented Programming concepts, such as interfaces, abstract classes, (base) classes, dependency injection, services and more
* Specific code examples of how Drupal 8 is using the aforementioned OOP concepts
* Patterns that are prevalent in Drupal 8 (and that will help you get up to speed much more quickly once you know how to use them)

Whether you are a web developer who has never used Drupal or you are a seasoned Drupal developer who is concerned that all this new OOP stuff is just too hard, you’ll want to attend this session so that you can see just how amazing and easy to use Drupal 8 really is!

Learning Objectives & Outcomes:
Attendees will learn about:

* Basic OOP concepts
* The fundamental and repeated patterns used in Drupal 8
* Using the OOP concepts and Drupal 8 patterns to create a functioning module



6 thoughts on “OOP, Design Patterns and Drupal 8”

  1. thanks for your talk ? I'm a c++ & .net developer, I have some clients that need a erp like ms dynamics without being $190 a mnt for min 20 users, do u think Drupal can haddle all the extra code

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