PhotoLytics Dashboard UI Web design using affinity designer

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this time i made a PhotoLytics Dashboard UI Web design using Affinity Designer

original artwork by:

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23 thoughts on “PhotoLytics Dashboard UI Web design using affinity designer”

  1. Hey there, thanks for this nice video. Let me please ask this, how can you place an image on indirect angle of a mobile screen mockup? Let's say you have a mockup image of an iPhone in a hand or on a table with that indirect angle, is there a way to place an image to fit that iphone screen properly in Affinity Designer? Thanks again!

  2. You are a genius sir! Awesome work. I'm sort of a beginner and I would love if you made a step by step explaining what you are doing. (Maybe with voice?) I think it would really help your channel grow.
    Most of things go by too fast for me to even understand what you are doing. Also I would like to learn the hotkeys for doing it faster like you.

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