Power of Drupal. 20 facts

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Video is prepared to help the Drupal community answer the questions:
– Why Drupal?
– Why not use another CMS?
– Why not use pure PHP?

Repost, let everyone know how powerful Drupal is!

Russian version here: https://youtu.be/xF3aECbeC5w
Русская версия: https://youtu.be/xF3aECbeC5w

We thank the company DrupalJedi for expertise and knowledge which we used while the project creation.

Thank TADA! team for the video creating.

Thank Edouard Cunibil for French subtitles.

Inspired by Drupal-community.

Lots of people heard about Drupal, but only a few can imagine its market volume.
Drupal is a powerful open-source web platform.
It’s not just open source but absolutely free software.
Millions of websites, hundreds of thousands of developers and billions of internet users.
45% of 100,000 best websites according to Alexa ranks use Drupal. And out of 10,000 top websites more than a half are made on Drupal.
All across the Globe businesses and nonprofits trust Drupal. Including the world’s biggest corporations and the most famous NGOs.
Drupal dominates among complex websites leaving all other known CMS far behind.
But Drupal shouldn’t be compared to other systems because they operate in the different segments of the market. Drupal is an undisputed leader in the area of laborious, high load systems with sophisticated structure.
Thanks to its modular architecture Drupal wins over pure programming languages. Issues that would take programmist months to solve are already resolved in Drupal, just set up a module.
Drupal has time-tested solutions for specific areas that can be adapted to any particular case.
Like solutions for e-commerce, teamwork management, media portals, and much more.
The world’s best Universities also use Drupal. There is even a specialised website builder application called OpenScholar. Harward alone has more than 5,000 websites made on it.
More than a quarter of education establishment websites are made on Drupal.
Drupal is also widely used for governmental websites.
The Drupal market is growing every year.
And the system itself is constantly improving. Drupal 8 is based on secure, universally recognised Symphony components that support the latest PHP standards. Drupal has become even more stable now!
The platform enjoys support from a huge well-organised community that holds hundreds of regular events. Thanks to the community Drupal develops and becomes more popular every year.
Join us, choose Drupal!

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