Search Engine SEO Friendly Web Design Tips

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The websites which heavily rely on graphics and flash could be at disadvantage
from SEO perspective. There are several websites which insert several
javascripts and other coding information within their html coding. Some of the
Search engine friendly web design tips are as given below: –

  1. Make websites which are appealing to your visitors as well as search engines – Search engines do not interfere with technical / design aspect of your website. However, webmasters should make sure that their coding part does not consist of any serious SEO errors. You can read Google webmaster guidelines for more information.
  2. W3C Design and SEO – Most of the Web Designers are showing their inclining towards the SEO friendly W3C designs. However W3C has no connection with SEO. W3C is just a methodology to make your website error free. If your website consists of minimal errors, it will be good from SEO perspective.
  3. Using Proper Navigation Structure and Menu Links – Your website navigation structure should be easily perceivable to both human visitors as well as search engines.
  4. Use Search Engine friendly website urls – Using SEO friendly urls will enable your links to display as / page1 OR /page1.html. Web Technologies can change over a period of time, and if you are using your current pages in the format: page1.asp OR page1.php, then your website will show a huge drop in traffic. Website owners should make their websites without any technical constraints. If tomorrow some new technology comes up, then you can easily integrate new technology into your existing website.
  5. Use proper Meta-Tags: Most of the Webmasters ignore this aspect while designing their websites. They should always make sure that their website is using unique meta-tags on each and every page. Some of the most important meta tags are

Implementing these SEO tips will help you make your website SEO friendly. It will also help you gain higher rankings on search engines.

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