Secret SEO Software Guarantees Rankings WITHOUT Link Building

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Today I reveal a software that I have been using to get more SEO results than usual. The software is called Crowdsearch

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Crowdsearch basically allows you to get a higher click-through rate and dwell time by using clicks to your advantage

I am not an affiliate of the software but I am a believer as it has helped us rank for tons of terms and we see satisfactory movements for all the terms


24 thoughts on “Secret SEO Software Guarantees Rankings WITHOUT Link Building”

  1. This never worked for me I tried them a year ago and half a year ago, for always local terms with 200-400 searches per month which is not really much and I set the software to about 100-150 per keyword which should make an impact ^^

  2. NOT WHITE HAT SEO. There are no shortcuts to proper SEO. Just hard work, although it does work it is definitely not a long term strategy. Do you honestly think that Google doesn't know about this? Do you honestly think that Google won't penalize these type of strategies at some point? If you do then you know nothing about SEO. If you want to be a respectable SEO consultant then don't try these "tricks" with your clients' websites, they pay a lot of money for long-term results. Lazy SEO "experts" look for shortcuts instead of implementing hard work and putting in long hours. I can predict some of your replies already, I'm not saying it's not effective but I am saying that these strategies will cause penalizations at some point. How do I know? Just look at the history of strategies like this one and look at how Google has reacted to them, this strategy is not exception.

  3. hi you should try consolety, it's a WordPress plugin that matching your blog posts with other users in the network of consolety based on your titles, your tags category and language of the post. Meaning 100% accurate matching that is rellevant all done for you by the consolety plugin. you can just browse it withint your wordpress installation simply by googling for consolety. Please let me know what you think of it

  4. Dear Ruan I usually do not subscribe to channels but since last 3 days I have watched 3 of your videos and to tell you the fact you are Legit so I subscribe and hit like. Keep up the good work, people like you are needed in world full of hypocrites. Best of luck

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