Set Up a GoDaddy Website – 2017!

Godaddy videos and tutorials just for you.
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The hands down perfect way to set up a website on your GoDaddy domain name. I use it every time.

Learn everything about building with WordPress at (beginner friendly tutorial series)

GoDaddy wordpress website setup steps we cover here:
1. Register domain – find good keywords
2. Choose a web host – HostGator is cheaper in the long run
(next, check email and login – very easy)
3. Install WordPress – one click install without coding

I’m made this quick make godaddy website tutorial so you can understand how quick it really is to create a great website. I have a longer wordpress godaddy tutorial as well, and several more to create ANY website with different themes, logos, designs, plugins and more!

My experience readers: how has GoDaddy helped your business and do you find it easy to run websites and setup a GoDaddy website like this one we make here?
My newcomer readers: this website can be made for under $50 and under 25 minutes, do you consider this a good website set up?

Let’s discuss, I’ll be around in the comments all day with my coffee, thanks!




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44 thoughts on “Set Up a GoDaddy Website – 2017!”

  1. Excellent video. Learned a lot. Questions: I noticed u didn't buy "privacy protection" from GoDaddy (GD) for your domain name. So does HostGator (HG) provides that privacy protection for free for your domain name? And what about domain emails?. U didn't buy that from GD either; so I assume u will get that from HostGator What is their fee for that? Thanks.

  2. thank you for the video. i have two questions lol.
    1, im going to get the domain privacy protection with my godaddy domain,will that privacy protection still be valid when transferring to hostgator and if so would i need to buy to protection with hostgator the following year or with godaddy?????
    2, does it cost to transfer the domain from godaddy to hostgator???
    once again thank you so much for the video, you are a legend.

  3. Hey Greg, I am stuck at the point where I go to GoDaddy to enter my custom nameserver. The version on your video seems to be outdated maybe so that once I hit manage domains, it becomes completely different from what I see on mine. Can you tell me where I could find it on GoDaddy's latest version please? Thank you!

  4. very good video – I have been tapped as a volunteer to help a small organization update their site – the apple mac pro and site have been presenting challenges for me – updating text in different categories on site – established to inform public of classes etc – can you direct me to a spot where I can enlighten myself on these matters

  5. Thank you for your concerns about your subscribers I will subscribe to you right now, never give credit to Bluehost or GoDaddy, you won't believe this, my domain was expiring with GoDaddy and they went and renewed for 10 years without asking me and charged my card for one domain $550 for 10 years renewal, when I called them they told me they can not fix it, the system does that automatically and if they cancel the charge I will lose my 13 years old website. I had no money and lost that website to GoDaddy and they sold me domain to someone else. These big companies as soon as they get rich they play with clients. The give me a free site protection which I did not even ask for and after 12 months Godaddy charged me $250 for the site protection renewal and told me I can not remove the service from my account unless I fax them GOV legal documents and a notary stamp letter on behalf that I own the company. They will not accept the normal company registration papers. Can you believe it, I have my account password and access and they know me for years and but they make it so hard for you so you have to pay and can not remove the service? They are crooks and vampires. God bless you!

  6. Hello, I have a little question:
    I saw the HostGator page you demo showed "Domain name + web hosting + email starting at $3/mo"
    Then why do we need to buy domain from GoDaddy ?

  7. Hi Greg, commenting from the UK, just want to say, this was a fantastic tutorial, I followed it step by step, and worked a treat. Ready now to keep watching and learning from you. Thanks Rebecca (Orchid Pure Beauty)

  8. Hey there, Greg! I really appreciate the vid….and the cats! 😀 Haha. Hey, one thing I'm running into. I'm using Firefox, and on the wp-admin page, I am running into an "insecure connection" when I go to enter my username and password. I'm very weary of hackers gaining access to my site and wonder if there is any way to secure the login page???

  9. yea starting @13:50 it appears this feature is no longer supported & is totally different on go daddy. which is my issue im currently running into. from what i gathered from everyones complaints. you have to call & talk to technical support to change the name servers manually…if you can get through.

  10. the user login on wordpress was instant for me. I'm in Quebec, Canada. This was an awesome video, i"m mind blown at how simple you made it for us!

  11. I hope you don't mind my following you. I find your information easier to understand as I am as green as they come and I have to get into this field as I am no longer able to work. Thanks for the insight, keep it coming.

  12. Great job Greg! You're a great teacher, taking the instruction slow enough for us to grasp and showing a litle personal side as well…….nice touch! Looking forward to your tutorial on incorporatng WP into a working website.

  13. Very informative, going to check out your tutorial about wordpress next.
    Last time I learned HTML was with Microsoft FrontPage in 97 or 98 WYSIWYG built a RC airplane web site, I'm 63 now and gonna give it another shot

  14. Hi Greg nice video! About godaddy, I'm about to buy my domain but I've heard that you have to be careful that it is not a trademark. My question is if the domain is not exactly the same but very similar, for example and, could i have problems? What do you think?

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