Should You Offer FREE Trials for Social Media Marketing Clients?! Secrets Revealed

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Are you struggling to get your first client because you have no existing results? In this video, I reveal the exact strategy I used to sign up my first high paying client.

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31 thoughts on “Should You Offer FREE Trials for Social Media Marketing Clients?! Secrets Revealed”

  1. Watching through your videos again. Just got my second copy of the book since I misplaced the first one and then found it lol. But for real this content is ridiculously insane. With he book and youtube content that is FREE is more than enough to believe the hype. I can only imagine the course which I will hop on to soon!

  2. Hey Jordan thanks for all the content I want to enroll to your course but I was wondering if there is any option to do it in different payments.?

    Cheers from Bolivia

  3. Hi,I can see the difference from your video (straight to the point a clear:-) ) to others'videos. just a quick question: what's the minimum amount to invest in FB and IG ads for a small local shop? Dealing with natural cosmetics. TX in advance.

  4. Hey Jordan
    Is it really free if they're paying for the ad spend?
    I mean what if you don't bring any results in that period?

    Don't you think it would be better for you the seller to pay for the ad spend?

    Paid traffic vs sm management is it better to stick to one

  5. I've bought courses, watched over 50 hours of YouTube videos and you're the first one to actually tell how to do things. For example: ''send me a bunch of photos which I can post.'' or make some photos yourself. Everybody is just talking about cold calling and getting 2K clients. You're the first who's telling how to actually do things haha.

    Great great value and I'm looking forward to more content from you!

  6. Hey Jordan, great work man. I sent you an email couple days ago about booking a coaching call. Haven't heard back, all good if you're busy. Hope we can book something in the near future.

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