Should You Put Categories in Your Blog URL?

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To maximize your blog traffic you have to have the right URL structure for SEO. So how should you setup your URL structure?
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Well, you don’t want to use dates… but you can consider using categories.

If you have different subjects within your blog you should consider putting a category in your URL structure. This tells Google what your content is about from a topical perspective.

If you have a tiny blog under 100 pages the chances are all of your posts are on the same topic. For this reason, you won’t need to put a category in the URL

Even if you have a small blog, and you are blogging on different topics, you should consider adding categories in your URL.

Now if your blog is a large one, such as 1000 plus posts, the chances are they aren’t all on the same topic. If this sounds like your blog, then you should consider using categories within your URL.

When creating your blog URL structure make sure you use dashes instead of underscores. And make sure you don’t place two dashes right after each other.

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21 thoughts on “Should You Put Categories in Your Blog URL?”

  1. Thank you so much this was really helpful! Right now I just started a new blog, and I set up two categories and a few subcategories. I was wondering what happens if over some time you adjust the category name or the subcategory? My permalinks are set to post name only but I was wondering if any damages happen or if it's okay to change the title names? (I also have Yoast SEO)

  2. Thanks for the video. What about domain/blog/category/post-name? Is that structure ok? I usually try to be no more than 3 levels deep for SEO but that would be 4 and seems unavoidable unless you don't include the blog page in the url. domain/category/post-name the category page can still have an internal link to the blog page. In my case, the blog page will be optimized for its keyword which includes blog. Like if you where creating a blog site for whiskey. whiskydude dot com/whiskey-blog/irish-whiskey/jameson or something like that. In this case there are three options. Make the home page also the blog page which I don't prefer, include the blog, category and post in the url or don't include the blog page in the url. Which is best for SEO? Please advise. Thanks

  3. Great vid! Under 1000 posts go with blog/post-name if you're going to have a team of people writing posts go with /category/post-name or category/sub-category/post-name

  4. What structure should a small blog follow? Let say I am building a micro-niche site less than 5 category and 20 items. ¿How should I go about to create a navigational menu? Thanks

  5. Best video, when I am searching something I want to learn the first place I go is searching for your channel. straight to the point, short and easy to understand and the most knowledgeable man on earth

  6. Niel please give me perfect article for start or setup wordpress blog …..with robotext file htccc files and all hidden secrets …please please create indepth article to setup pro blog please

  7. Neil I have a query, please try to solve it..
    I have a website, I purchased domain+hosting in April, and I started using it, and after a week I met with an accident, so I cancel my hosting and get refund for it. After 2 months, I restared my website, purchase hosting and started from scratch on a same domain.
    Do you think the above described situation affects my website SEO?

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