Should You Use Hashtags on Instagram? | How to Get More Instagram Followers

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Hashtags are useless on most social media platforms, except for Instagram. Here’s how to use hashtags to get more Instagram followers.

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I have a question for you. Do you use hashtags?

You probably don’t. I know I don’t.

They were used years and years ago, but now when you go on Facebook, who are using hashtags?

No one. Same with Twitter.

They’re all old school.

Yeah, you still see them on Instagram, but these days no one uses hashtags.

Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to be answering the question of should you be using hashtags?

I wish the answer were just no because you know what? They do suck.

I don’t see how they provide much value. But you still want to use them on specific social networks.

On Twitter, it doesn’t matter anymore.

On Facebook, it doesn’t matter anymore.

LinkedIn, you don’t need hashtags.

But for Instagram it does.

A lot of people are still clicking through on the hashtags on Instagram, and it gives them the fantastic and easy way to find your photos.

See, the thing with Instagram is it’s a visual social network, so on Instagram, they don’t know what your picture is about.

Sure, there’s a description there, but the hashtags help.

On Facebook people are putting status updates with a lot of text. They’re doing the same on LinkedIn.

They’re doing the same on Twitter. But on Instagram, in many cases, people are just putting a photo and nothing else.

So if you’re using Instagram, you should still use hashtags.

Now, the real question is how many hashtags should you be using?

You’ve probably seen tons of photos with dozens and dozens of hashtags.

That’s too many.

You don’t need to use a lot.

Just pick five, six, or seven.

And we’re using them, make sure they’re very specific to your photo.

And by doing that, it’ll be relevant, and you’re getting more traffic.

And last but not least, make sure when you’re using the hashtags you’re picking hashtags that generate a lot of traffic.

You can use tools like Ubersuggest.

You type in any keyword related to the photo you have, and it’ll give you more ideas of hashtags.

They’ll give you a list of hundreds and hundreds of other keywords.

It’s basing this off of what people search for on Google.

And if you use similar ones on your Instagram hashtag, you’ll notice that it’ll generate you more traffic.

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33 thoughts on “Should You Use Hashtags on Instagram? | How to Get More Instagram Followers”

  1. Hello! sir, I have a question regarding Instagram latest creator/business account feature in that and since I used Instagram as a business account, am not been able to share my own post into my stories though I have figured out basic settings for that and even re-install but there's no change either. I've even considered reporting it to Instagram several times but no actions taken on it too. what necessary steps should I take now to resolve this? I need a Solution just because am starving for it. Thank you in advance.

  2. Strongly agree with you! One of the Instagram tools that I love the most is Hashatory. It helps me create a comprehensive list of related hashtags for my Instagram content. It helps me in narrowing my marketing strategy to a particular search volume in Instagram.

  3. Hello Neil, I use hastags on Instagram, there is max limit of 30 and I use all the 30, 20 of them are similar in all posts & other 10 are depended on the post which I make. Do you think it's beneficial ? Cause I've been able to get people through those hashtags. And also Pinterest also has relevant usage of hastags even today.

  4. Great as usual, Neil. Just a question: Does this mean one should not repost any instagram marketing posts on the business facebook page? Better upload them separately without hashtags?

  5. neil should we use marketing software many marketrs suggested me software that give free traffic and theybsay you can rank on first page of google even if you dont know about seo.
    the software cost 46 dollers should i buy it

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