Simple $50 Per Day Lead Generation Website Using Only $180

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Sunday Special, how to generate $50 per day using a WordPress website.

In this video, I show the progress of a painting website that we have up currently on Google

The website is ranking for a competitive painting term and we have redesigned the website

I show the process of what I spent on this website to rank at the top of Google

I show the importance of backlinks for Local SEO – backlinks is what’s needed to achieve higher rankings in Google’s algorithm

This can be the use and application of different strategies such as:

– news releases
– web 2.0’s
– social signals

I recommend going slowly throughout the linking process. When I started, I made the dangerous mistake of purchasing a ton of backlinks from Fiverr ultimately damaging my SEO rankings.

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45 thoughts on “Simple $50 Per Day Lead Generation Website Using Only $180”

  1. Hi Ruan,
    This is definitely a nice and informative video. I was wondering how call things work? I mean you're not a actual business owner so how you receive the call or manage that? Do you forward the call to client's phone number or anything else?

  2. Thanks Ruan for the content. Can I ask you, what do you mean by press release? Do you put the content of press release on the website under blog?

  3. Ruan, thank you for being on your game. Great info. I'm trying to implement this, however, my issue is, how do build a business website without a location, contractors license etc? I know you mentioned that you did it for your dad's painting company in CT but what about scaling in other locations?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  4. Ruan……if that guy wouldn’t have asked u ………”Can u get my business on google?”
    U wouldn’t be where u are today!!!!
    Yr first client…….he changed yr entire life forever!
    SEO : A lottery ticket that wins every single time!

  5. Awesome Information.
    Thanks for the valuable insights, here I want to share some information about Check SEO Tool
    Check SEO is a trusted tool and a unique solution achiever for any kind of web analysis and the only answer for all those who are waiting for SEO solutions These two factors include On page optimization & Off-page optimization. The On-Page SEO term refers to the things that an individual can do ON their website for getting a higher rank

  6. Hey Ruan, great content as always. If you wanted to do this at scale, would it be best to have a bunch of these sort of micro sites like you have, or have 1 big site like nationalchiropractordirectory or some combo of the two, it seems like the the big site would be able to rank for these small terms almost as well as the small sites, (minus EMD anchor text stuff) but would be really easy to rank for lots of terms as you build up the DA. Thoughts?

  7. Hey Ruan , love the videos technical part, although I am a bit confused as to what to do next.

    Do I find clients that will pay me on a per client base, or do I sell/rent that site to a business?

    What if the company doesnt like the domain etc?

  8. Ruan, I am obsessed with this information and I am very serious about leaving my marketing position in a dealership to start my own digital marketing company. What courses should I absolutely take BEFORE I make the jump? Great information though, I'm starting a channel as an Automotive Advisor/Research Hub for car buying. It's a lot of work to get started. Keep on spittin that fire! Your the shit dude

  9. Is there a way around transferring a domain to new hosting services. Purchased expired domain from GoDaddy but get fuckin message that states "blah blah blah 60 days to transfer" bullshit. Whats the deal?

  10. Hello Ruan! At the beginning of the video u say that u can rank a site in less than a month but when u explain how u ranked ur painters site u talk about 6 months. What is the shortest time u(or anhyone else) may need to rank a site for a keyword which has about 300 searches a month?

  11. Gr8 video. New concept😊 But I want to know from where I get the clients who pay me $50 per phon call?
    I have to join any affiliate programme like commission junction or something else????
    Please guide

  12. Great video Ruan, I really like the strategy. I do have some questions though. Are you worried about spending the time and money to rank the site and not being able to find a buyer? Secondly, is Google Maps listings part of your strategy when you get the client or would that not be possible because it would be competing with their existing website?

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