Step-By-Step SEO Tutorial for Beginners (2019)

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This SEO tutorial will show you how I increased organic search traffic by 21%.

Here’s something strange:

I didn’t create any new content or get any new backlinks.

How’s that possible?

Watch this advanced SEO tutorial to find out.

It’s funny because most people think you need tons of NEW content to get more traffic from Google.

This is dead wrong.

In fact:

You should spend more time improving pages that are already doing well!

I know this might seem like a weird approach, but it’s powerful.

Watch the entire video now to see the exact you need to take.


Watch until the very end because I make a special announcement (you don’t want to miss this).

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7 thoughts on “Step-By-Step SEO Tutorial for Beginners (2019)”

  1. Hi Nathan, when you count the 3,000 increase in traffic, does that take into account the loss of traffic to the post that was combined into the “mother” post? Gush it sound more like kombucha than a cake! But it’s a good recipe nonetheless,

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